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Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb. 2008 Monthly Stock Picks ( Bac/44.15,Siri/3.20,Msft/32.60,Twx/15.69 ) Target Price By 3/1/2008 ( Bac/48.00,Siri/3.75,Msft/35.25/Twx/18.50 )

1. Bac. My Target price is 48.00 , Now w/ the fed on our side , its time to buy up some banks and why not best of breed ?? Remember this is not a trade this is a long term play , great Div. and will come back strong .

2. Siri. My Target price is 3.75 , however if the merger goes thru , my target price is 5.75 . Siri is far better than XM & the tide has changed , Mel will make the company profitibly by year end , w/ or without the merger .

3. Msft. My Target price is 35.25 , w/ the bid to buy up yahoo , this will be great for share holders that are in for the long term , it will take at least 1 - 2 years to benefit the fruits of there labor of buying yahoo. Buy on the dips and sit back and benefit from the div.

4. Twx. My target price is 18.50 or higher . w/ Msft buying Yahoo, Google will be looking to buy AOL ( Twx ), The chatter will snowball from here .This will drive up the stock price this month & w/ the bad times here, home owners will still have cable in there homes , so no worries here & great Div. Play also !
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