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Monday, March 31, 2008

April 2008 , Stock Picks ( RES & AAPL )

1. Apple is my April stock pick, 143.01 a share / Target price is 155.00.

On the short term, Apple's holiday sales and improving computer market share will push the stock up. I think it's under-valued ,However close to its peak production. This one's going to start taking off by mid-spring. This is a long term play .

2. RPC. INC. ( RES ) is my april stock pick, 14.80 a share / Target price is 17.00.

Black Gold Services ( Small Cap ) , Big Play !
RPC. INC.provides a range of oilfield services that are in exploration, production & development of oil & Gas.( RES )Has been a great investment over the past 5 years & will be for the next 5 more years to come. Reasonable valuations as a result of missing the past few earnings. Forecast , should pick up steam in 2008,2009 ... . This company will benifit as exploration companies are forced to work harder to get at oil reserves. A wild card would be , if congress ever passes a bill , that would allow the USA to drill in Alaska. P/E is 13. RES is around there 1 year low, currently undervalued & still pays a nice Dividend(.20 cents )a share. This company recently borrowed big $$$$ ( 100 Million ) to buy equipment and expand the business. RES has good financials , Low Debt. I believe ( RES ) is well positioned to benefit from continued cyclical strength w/ both increasing drilling activity & natural gas production, i am forcasting increasing demand for pressure pumping services by ( RES ). The fundamentals are excellent and the inside ownership is more than respectable 66%.The management has been buying up a lot of shares lately, thats a great sign that RPC. INC. management team has a lot of faith within there company and product. So buy up shares on the dips and explore great rewards in the long term !! ( this is a long term play )
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