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Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2008 Monthly Stock Picks

US Steel ( X ) 108.45 TargetPrice By 4/1 120.00
Coke ( KO ) 58.46 Target Price By 4/1 65.50

1. ( X ) Iron is hot , Global demand will push prices higher, profits hand over fist will make this stock go higher.Price-to-earnings multiple is good.Last Q's income was low so now look for company to do great.Good Div. $.80 yearly.Long term Investment looks very promising.

2. ( KO ) My Coke pick is a play on the weak dollar. Coke is a company that cashes in when the dollar falls. Look for an big bump from foreign exchange effect -- a big share of their revenue is non-domestic. Great Div. $1.52 yearly . Buy And hold !
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