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Monday, June 16, 2008

June Stock Pick ( BZP ) 2008

BZP stock price 26.10 a share , Target price is 35.00 by summer end . Jim Cramer! (Mad Money) has hit a grand slam with his "wildcatting" series, and he deserves serious credit for highlighting this sector, and this company. Jim has zenned the single biggest story in the economy going forward, and I believe these small, exploration companies may actually be poised to run for a generation.Play on "Soaring OIL." Good Spec. Play although it's a bit more risky being in Peru with the ever possible government involvement. with a devastating economy crisis, this stock is surely to outperform SP500 very soon.has estimates of producing 11000 barrels of oil a day by this time 2009 and has 48000 acres of untapped land in Peru.The need for alternate energy sources is top priority for most Americans right now. Looks like a good time to invest in exploration.
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