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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Top July Stock Picks 2008

1. Nike ( NKE ) 60.34 Target price 75.00 by summer end ! Great company to have in your portfolio, especially if you can build a position at prices below $60, for the long term. P/E, PEG and balance sheet are all fine, plus they pay a dividend AND buy back stock. Their market cap isn't so high that a double is impossible, but (with the Olympics coming) my realistic price target is 75.oo That amount of capital appreciation should easily beat the S&P, plus you get the good dividend income. Long term hold, Cramer reference and could look at jump in price because of Olympics. With Tiger out for the season , this should not hurt NKE that much , how about some new Tiger Woods commercials .Exercise and fitness, sports and popularity always sells. Look around the world. Best of breed, Enough said !! GO USA ! Win some Gold, and make some Mad Money !
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