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Friday, August 15, 2008

My Top August stock picks for 2008

1. ( RT ) RUBY Tuesday 8.28 a share , my target price 15.00 by April 2009.
The expansion was very good for the restaurant and they have struggled because they finished in time for the "credit crunch". However, I think that their balance sheet will turn around in the next few years to make them some great profits.Look for a steady improvement over the next year or so.Ruby Tuesday , Is making new strides and will be making money hand over fist within the next few years. They invested alot of money in there new simple Fresh American Dining & new decor look to there restaurants. 680 domestic restaurants , 54 international .
Brand new Ruby tuesday"s was packed & forget the dark dingy past, the new restaurants are bright , attractive, trendy & well designed decor. Free fresh abundant salad bar w/ a entree. p/e ratio 11.9 , pays a nice dividend ( 3.72 ).Near 52 week low . 2 million insider purchases in Oct. , would u buy that much stock in your own company , if it was ready to tank ? RT has a solid track record of earnings , 4 year low. classic example of an oversold neglected stock, which makes it a superior Buy & hold candidate for the long term . Great fresh , simple food & great new hand crafted beers offered ( Organic choices ) & Jones Soda that is also an option on there new menu and burger sliders are to die for !! W/ all this new changes this will lead to an higher average check and more money to the bottom line , so eat up & enjoy a ruby return within a few years !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. ( MCD ) McDonald's 63.63 a share , my target price 75.00 by year end.
McDonald's has done a Great job of expanding sales to an international market and has expanded their menu as well. I also expect fast food to be a good investment as the unemployment rate and inflation increase. Once commodity prices drop, this company should earn even more. also they done a get job hedging against food inflation.MCD has great upside potential for next quarter from Olympic earnings.Strong company, pays dividend, and good to own during recession/inflation and during bull markets. Good stock to own as you diversify your portfolio. Another great long term play !! BUY,BUY,BUY !!!!!!
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