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Monday, September 29, 2008

October Stock picks 2008

1. (GSG) 52.75 a Share Target Price 70.00 a share By Year End 2008.
With the bailout plan coming aboard , It does not assure the Economy, Banks and stock market to be in the clear ,so i am picking gold ( ETF ) for being a safe pick for the next 2 years.Across the board all prices are rising quickly. Food, energy, goods. Some are well into the double-digit gains over the past year alone.The demand for commodities will continue to increase. Also Jim Cramer Said it is a good time to buy gold ! i would no more than 20 % to your profile !

2.( AVAV ) 30.18 a share Target Price 36.00 a share By year end 2008 , by year end 2009 50
The Company (AeroVironment) is engaged in the design, development and production of unmanned aircraft systems and energy technologies for various industries and governmental agencies.TOYOTA BATTERIES! GM VOLT , the next generation in cars .This maker of unmanned aerial vehicles is tapping into a rapidly growing market. The need for unmanned drones is likely to increase in times of conflict and more conflict seems to be ahead of the USA. AeroVironment was instrumental in the development of the SunRacyer and subsequently the EV -1 (solely electric about 60 cents for 30 miles of distance) and EVS (hybrid 78 mpg) cars for GM in 1997 and 1998. When GM stopped the EVs (a sign of a rigid and self-destructive company), AVAV was creative and flexible enough to shift to a military, which did not directly compete with huge industries since these huge companies already had the Dept. of Defense contracts. Providing precisely info on the ground, for our troops. These Mini Planes help their job even better, with more precision, and with added surprise.
This company continues to perform well and continue to triumph in this Market.
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