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Monday, February 16, 2009

Green Stock Picks

T. Boone Pickens and The "Pickens Plan" Could Make You Wealthy By Investing in Green Stocks - Wind Energy, VWS, SUZLON, CWP, BBW, GE, SI, FPL, ZOLT, OC, ABB, CPTC, ITC, NGG, PWR, GRH

T. Boone Pickens owns 40% of a company called Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ:CLNE). This is a company that provides natural gas for vehicle fleets in the U.S. and Canada. CLNE designs, builds, finances, and operates the fueling stations.

T. Boone Pickens owns 12% of Westport Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ:WPRT) a leading developer of environmental technologies that enable vehicles to operate on clean-burning alternative fuels.

WRPT works with global automotive leaders such as Cummins Inc., Ford, and BMW to incorporate their technologies into leading manufacturers engines and to explore future commercial opportunities for clean vehicles.

Pickens� new company, Mesa Water, has been buying up ground water rights in Roberts County, Texas - 200,000 acres in all. He says that over a 30-year period, he expects to make more than $1 billion on his investment of $75 million.

Many others are coming to the realization that water is too cheap. Hence, water rights are a great buy today.

As an individual investor, you can�t trade water rights very easily. But you can invest in a company that owns almost as much water as Pickens does � in actuality, the acre feet that this Company owns are more valuable than what Pickens purchased.

PICO Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ:PICO) together with its subsidiaries, engages in the ownership and development of real estate properties. It owns land and the related mineral rights and water rights in Nevada. The company is involved in water resource development business, such as developing new sources of water for water utilities, municipalities, developers, or industrial users. In addition, PICO Holdings engages in the acquisition and financing of businesses. It operates in the United States and Europe. The company was founded in 1981 and is based in La Jolla, California.

T. Boone Pickens thinks he'll earn $1 billion on his $76 million investment - or basically 13 times his money. PICO - already in this business, with substantial expertise and a portfolio of more valuable water rights - could do even better.

How T. Boone Pickens and The "Pickens Plan" Could Make You Wealthy By Investing in Green Stocks - Wind Energy, VWS, SUZLON, CWP, BBW, GE, SI, FPL, ZOLT, OC, ABB, CPTC, ITC, NGG, PWR, GRH

Vestas Wind Systems (CPH: VWS)

Vestas Wind Systems A/S engages in the manufacture, sale, and service of wind power systems that use wind energy to generate electricity. Its products primarily include a range of wind turbines and wind power systems. The company also offers VestasOnline Business, a SCADA system for modern wind power plants. This system includes a range of monitoring and control functions allowing the wind power plants to be controlled in the same way as a conventional power plant. In addition, it offers a range of project planning, installation, and operational services. Vestas Wind Systems A/S operates primarily in Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific. The company was founded in 1945 and is headquartered...

Suzlon Energy Limited (NSE: SUZLON)

Suzlon Energy Limited engages in the manufacture and sale of wind turbine generators of various capacities and its components. It develops wind turbine generators of capacities ranging from 350 kilowatt to 2.1 megawatt. The company also offers gearboxes, towers, rotor blades, and wind turbines. In addition, Suzlon Energy Limited provides wind energy solutions, including wind resource mapping, site development and installation, and operations and maintenance services. It markets its products in India, Europe, the United States, China, and internationally. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Pune, India.

Clipper Windpower Plc (LSE: CWP) (OTC: CRPWF)

Clipper Windpower Plc, together with its subsidiaries, operates as a wind energy technology, turbine manufacturing, and wind project development company. It engages in the design, engineering, and manufacture of wind turbines. The company primarily manufactures 2.5 megawatt Liberty wind turbines. It also develops wind energy projects, including engineering, construction, project financing, and plant operation in the Americas and Europe. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom with offices in California, Colorado, Iowa, and Maryland in the United States; Mexico; and Denmark.

GreenHunter Energy, Inc. (AMEX: GRH)

GreenHunter Energy, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, focuses on the renewable energy sectors of wind, solar, biofuels, and biomass power plants. The company?s assets consist of biodiesel, methanol, and glycerin refineries, as well as a terminal storage facility in Houston, Texas; biomass power plant located in Telogia, Florida; and a biomass facility in El Centro, California. It also develops wind farm projects in Montana, California, and New Mexico. GreenHunter Energy is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas.

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners (ASX: BBW) (OTC: BCKBF)

Babcock and Brown Wind Partners (ASX: BBW) is a specialist investment fund focused on the wind generation sector. BBW listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 28 October 2005 and has a market capitalisation of approximately A$850 million.It is a stapled entity comprising Babcock and Brown Wind Partners Limited (ABN 39 105 051 616) Babcock and Brown Wind Partners Trust (ARSN 116 244 118) and Babcock and Brown Wind Partners (Bermuda) Limited (ARBN 116 360 715). BBW's portfolio (including the Eifel wind farm) comprises an interest in 16 wind farms on three continents that have a total installed capacity of over 700 MW and are diversified by geography, currency, equipment supplier, customer and regulatory regime.

GE Energy (NYSE: GE)

General Electric Company (GE) operates as a technology, media, and financial services company worldwide. It operates through four segments: GE Capital, Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, and NBC Universal. The GE Capital segment offers an array of products and services that include commercial loans, operating leases, fleet management, financial programs, home loans, insurance, credit cards, personal loans, and other financial services. The Energy Infrastructure segment involves in the development, implementation, and improvement of products and technologies that harness various resources, such as wind, oil, gas, and water. The Technology Infrastructure segment focuses on build...

Siemens AG (NYSE: SI)

Siemens AG operates as an electronics and electrical engineering company worldwide. Its IT Solutions and Services business designs, builds, and operates discrete and large-scale information and communications-systems. The company?s Automation and Drives business offers automation systems, motion control and drive systems, low voltage controllers and installation systems, process automation systems and instrument products, and electronic assembly systems. Its Industrial Solutions and Services business develops solutions for industrial and infrastructure facilities. Siemens? Building Technologies business provides products, systems, and services for monitoring and regulating the temperature an...

FPL Group, Inc. (NYSE: FPL)

FPL Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electric energy. It produces electricity through natural gas, wind, nuclear, oil, hydro, and other resources. As of December 31, 2007, the company served approximately 4.5 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the east and lower west coasts of Florida with a generating capacity of 37,700 megawatts. FPL Group also leases wholesale fiber-optic network capacity and dark fiber to telephone, Internet, and other telecommunications companies. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in Juno Beach, Florida.

Zoltek Companies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOLT)

Zoltek Companies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets carbon fibers and technical fibers in the United States. Its carbon fibers are used in a range of commercial products, as well as in reinforcement material in composites, carbon fiber composite products, and filament winding equipment used in the composite industry. The company?s technical fiber is a stabilized and oxidized acrylic fiber used in flame and heat-resistant applications; and oxidized acrylic fibers are used to manufacture aircraft brake pads for heat/fire barrier applications.


ABB, Ltd. provides power and automation technologies to utility and industry customers worldwide. Its Power Products division offers products and services for power transmission and distribution, which include high- and medium-voltage switchgear and apparatus, circuit breakers, power and distribution transformers, and sensors and other products. The company?s Power Systems division provides various systems and services for power generation, transmission, and distribution comprising substations, high-voltage power converters, and advanced cables for underground and sub-sea power transmission; and systems to automate and control power plants, electrical, and other utility networks.

Composite Technology Corporation (OTCBB: CPTC)

Composite Technology Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of renewable and energy efficient electrical energy products. The company operates through two segments, CTC Cable and DeWind. The CTC Cable segment sells aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC) conductors, a composite core overhead electrical transmission conductor, as well as manufactures and sells the composite core component of the ACCC conductor and various accessories. ACCC conductors enable grid operators to reduce blackouts and brownouts, providing a 'reserve electrical capacity' by operating at higher temperatures without significant thermal sag of the lines. This segment markets its cable to public, private, and governmentally owned utilities and transmission line operators. The DeWind segment designs, produces, and sells wind generation turbines in the 1.25 and 2.0 megawatt range under the brand name DeWind. It markets its wind turbines directly to wind farm operators. The company also provides consulting services related to the engineering, design, and installation of product sale solutions. It markets its products in the United States and Canadian markets, through a distribution and purchase agreements with General Cable Industries, Inc.; and directly through its subsidiary, CTC Cable Corporation. The company also offers its products in Europe and China. Composite Technology has a strategic alliance agreement with TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company. The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Irvine, California.

ITC Holdings Corp. (NYSE: ITC)

ITC Holdings Corp., through its subsidiaries, engages in the transmission of electricity in the United States. It operates primarily as a conduit, moving power from generators to local distribution systems either entirely through its own system or in conjunction with neighboring transmission systems. The company?s operations include asset planning; engineering, design, and construction; maintenance; and real time operations of transmission systems. It offers its services to investor-owned utilities, municipalities, co-operatives, power marketers, and alternative energy suppliers. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Novi, Michigan.

National Grid plc (NYSE: NGG)

National Grid plc engages in the ownership and operation of regulated electricity and gas infrastructure networks. The company operates in four segments: Transmission, Gas Distribution, Electricity Distribution and Generation, and Non-Regulated Businesses and Other. The Transmission segment owns and operates high-voltage electricity transmission network in England, Wales, Scotland, New York, and New England; a gas national transmission system in Great Britain; electricity interconnectors with Scotland and France; and storage facilities for liquefied natural gas (LNG). The Gas Distribution segment owns and operates gas distribution networks in England, and in upstate New York, New York City, Long Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The Electricity Distribution and Generation segment owns electricity distribution networks in upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, as well as operates and manages electricity transmission and distribution network in Long Island on behalf of the Long Island Power Authority, and as a generator of electricity on Long Island. The Non-Regulated Businesses and Other segment involves in the provision of gas metering services; property management; and operation of LNG import terminal on the Isle of Grain. The company also holds interests in electricity interconnectors, metering services, LNG facilities, and properties in the United Kingdom; and LNG storage and transportation, unregulated gas transmission pipelines, and gas fields and home energy services in the United States. As of March 31, 2008, it served approximately 19 million consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR)

Quanta Services, Inc., a contracting services company, offers various network solutions to the electric power, gas, telecommunications, cable television, and specialty services industries, as well as to the commercial, industrial, and governmental entities primarily in the United States and Canada. Its electric power and gas network services comprise installing, repairing, and maintaining electric power transmission lines and power distribution networks; installing and maintaining gas transmission and distribution systems; providing cathodic protection design and installation services; installing fiber optic lines for voice, video, and data; installing and maintaining joint trench systems, including electric power, natural gas, and telecommunications networks; and designing and installing wind turbine networks. The company?s telecommunications and cable television network services consist of installing and maintaining fiber optic, copper, and coaxial cable networks; designing, constructing, and maintaining DSL networks; engineering and erecting cellular, digital, PCS, microwave, and other wireless communications towers; designing and installing switching systems for ILEC, CLEC, long distance providers, and cable television providers; splicing and testing fiber optic and copper networks; and residential installation and customer connects for cable television, telephone, and Internet services. In addition, it designs, installs, maintains, and repairs electrical components, fiber optic cabling, and building control and automation systems; installs intelligent traffic networks; installs cable and control systems for light rail lines, airports, and highways; and provides specialty rock trenching, rock saw, rock wheel, directional boring, and road milling for industrial and commercial customers. Further, the company engages in leasing point-to-point telecommunications infrastructure. Quanta Services, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas
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