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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I asked Jim Cramer About Clean Energy ( CLNE ) live at his 1000 show ( Check it out )

( Quote From Jim Cramer )“I take great pride in having tried to make Mad Money the most interactive show on TV,” Cramer told his live studio audience Wednesday night. “I actually talk to real people.”
In this spirit, Cramer took questions town-hall style as part of his 1,000th episode special. Watch video for his take on the waning influence of Berkshire Hathaway's [BRK.B 3051.00 136.00 (+4.67%) ] Warren Buffett, retirement accounts, President Obama’s affect on Clean Energy Fuels [CLNE 7.22 0.16 (+2.27%) ] and other natural gas stocks, biotechs and more.

The audience tests Cramer’s 30 years of Wall Street experience with questions about Berkshire Hathaway’s legendary leader, 401(k)s versus Roth IRAs, alternative energy and more....

I asked Jim Cramer about Clean Energy ( CLNE )@ the 3 Min. Mark ! The 1000 Mad money show was great !!

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