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Monday, April 27, 2009

Need some Fizz for Your Profile?Best May 2009 Penny Stock To Buy ( Sweet Profit )

* Jones Soda ( JSDA ) 1.19 As of 4/27/09 , Target Price Is 2.00 A Share By 9/09
Jones Soda Co. develops, produces, markets and distributes a range of beverages, which includes Jones Pure Cane Soda, a carbonated soft drink; Jones 24C, a water beverage; Jones GABA, a tea juice blend; Jones Organics, a ready-to-drink organic tea; Jones Naturals, a non-carbonated juice and tea, and Whoop Ass Energy Drink, a citrus energy drink. The Company sells and distributes its products primarily throughout the United States and Canada through its network of independent distributors, national retail accounts, as well as through licensing and distribution arrangements.As of August 1st, 2000, Urban Juice and Soda Company Ltd. officially changed its name to Jones Soda Co ("JONES"). The story of the company began in 1987 when company founder and president, Peter van Stolk, recognized the potential of emerging "alternative" products in the beverage industry.

The company's start in the beverage world was not as a manufacturer of its own brand, but as a distributor in western Canada of other successful lines, including Just Pik't Juices, Arizona Iced Tea and Thomas Kemper sodas. By 1994, Jones was firmly established as a full line beverage distributor in western Canada, with a reputation for picking winners.

Jones Soda Flavors

Utilizing its experience and knowledge gained in the distribution industry, JONES decided to create and distribute its own brands. In 1995, JONES created two brands of its own: WAZU Natural Spring water, launched in April 1995 and Jones Soda, launched with six flavors in January 1996. Jones Soda has been recognized and awarded for its unique packaging that features constantly changing labels that are generated and submitted by its consumers. In 2000, Jones Soda Co. launched its own version of an energy drink, named WhoopAss. The following year, in 2001, Jones Soda Co. launched 6 flavors of Jones Juice. See Jones Flavor Evolution for more information

Distribution of Jones Soda began with what we call our "alternative distribution strategy." Jones Soda Co. placed it own coolers, bearing their signature flames, in some truly unique venues, such as skate, surf and snowboarding shops, tattoo and piercing parlors, as well as in individual fashion stores and national retail clothing and music stores. Following the execution of the alternative distribution strategy, Jones began an up and down the street "attack" of the marketplace; this time placing product in convenience and food stores. Finally, the company began to achieve larger chain store listings with companies such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble, Safeway, Target, Cost Plus, Meijers, Winn-Dixies stores, Albertson's, and 7-Eleven stores.

Jones Soda has also incorporated unique marketing initiatives in its strategy. Jones Pro Riders and Jones Emerging Riders, including extreme pro athletes BMXer Mat Hoffman, snowboarding extraordinaire Chanelle Sladics, and surf legend Benji Weatherly can be found promoting Jones and sporting the Jones logo at extreme sporting events across the country. The Jones RVs on both the East and West coasts travel through cities in North America handing out soda and talking to the people on the street.

Jones Soda has always been about the people and interacting with the consumer. From the ever changing photos on our labels to the company's websites, and, and the recent MyJones Independent Music site,, Jones Soda has created a cult following and is a passion not only among soda drinkers but with its employees, directors and shareholders.

Jones Soda is a long term Play! Jones , Missed their numbers for the 4th quarter, .Buy on the dip . However Jones is still growing over 95% and have wisey managed to link an exclusive deal w/ the nfl seattle Seahawks. This is a huge step forward and considering Coke & Pepsi has a chokehold on most sports stadiums accross the USA. W/ new partnership walmart & target. This will only help get this product well known and liked across the USA. This will be Generation X & Y , New pepsi Product!!Great tasting product w/ great ponteintal on makeing more money & expanding & tapping into the soft drink world dominated by Coke & Pepsi ! ( Can U Say Buy - Out ??? The new ceo is bringing new products( vitamin Water & organic Drinks) and will better manage the bottom line for the company.Severly oversold stock. Expect positive earnings surprises over the following few quarters.I'm seeing Jones Soda in more and more places. I've got to think that this trend will see them shaving at least a bit off of Coke and Pepsi's market, particularly with health-minded consumers who don't like corn syrup in their soda. Potential earnings surprise and great product lineup (24c, cola, etc.) going into the summer. Also, Gaba drinks have potential to be wildly popular - could be the "cool" thing to drink ala RedBull.With their miniscule market cap, even if they take 1-2% of market share from coke or pepsi, you're looking at a 10 bagger. I dont normally trade in and out of stocks, esp small caps where volatility is its name. Any good news will send the stock soaring again and theres no way to time it..!So drink up & buy some jones , and make a SWEET Profit!!!!!!
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