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Monday, July 6, 2009

July Stock picks , buy a cow ?

(COW)iPath DJ AIG Livestock 28.96 a share as of July 3 , Target price 40.00 by Sept. 2009
Continuing issue of new stock will water down S&P500. Increasing population making less money will make practical items more utilized, more valuable. The quickening slaughter of livestock will eventually come to an abrupt halt, as this Nation cannot wipe out our cows/hogs indefinitely. Supply will dry up not just on livestock, but also byproducts (& milk). Lower middle class population increasing!buying season is here and w/ such a drop in price we can only go back higher when the econmey bounces back so will the demand for beef , people will start to order more high end meats , like filet , ny sirlions and more ! this is a long term play !Selling cattle because you can't afford to feed them corn only causes the price to escalate in the future. Total U.S. meat production for 2009 is forecast lower
this month based on reductions of both red meats and poultry. The January 30 Cattle report
estimated lower cattle inventories, including the lowest beef cow inventory since 1963, lower
retained heifers, and a smaller 2008 calf crop. Although the number of cattle outside feedlots is
slightly higher than last year, the base is lower, reflecting downward revisions in historical
inventories and calf crops. As a result, fewer numbers of cattle are forecast to be placed on feed
leading to lower beef production in 2009.I can't resist it...I have no choice but to be cow (bullish) on this stock. How can you go wrong when your ticker symbol matches your business like that? Besides, with milk and meat prices going through the roof, these guys have to be beneficiaries somewhere along the line.
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