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Monday, January 11, 2010

January Best Penny Stocks for 2010 ( CLQ,BRSI,PKTX )

Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (CLQ) .31 a share / Target price .40
Clean TeQ Holdings Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company’s operations include providing air purification and odour elimination solutions to customers; purification and recycling of waste water, and for desalination of brackish water to produce industrial water using the Clean-iX Technology in conjunction with other technologies, and the continued development and use of the Clean-iX Technology, which can be used to extract a range of resources in the mining industry, including base metals, precious metals and radioactive elements. The Company comprises of three segments: Air Purification, Water Purification and Resource Recovery. It operates in Australia. On April 16, 2009, the Company acquired the LiXiR Functional Foods Pty Ltd. on May 1, 2009, the Company acquired the Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd. its subsidiaries include Clean TeQ Limited, Resix Pty Ltd, Clean TeQ Resin Production Pty Ltd and CT Global Holdings Pty Ltd. Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ) is an environmental and mining services company. The company is providing and implementing technologies that include air purification, resource recovery and water purification in Australia. Its product line includes biofilters, biotrickling filters, water circulators, salsnes filters, membrane filters and ion exchange systems that provide purified air and water. The company has a significant market presence in South East Asia and the Asia Pacific regions. It commercializes products under the brand names Clean-iX, OdorTeQ and LiXiR. Clean TeQ is headquartered at Victoria, Australia.

Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. (BRSI) .37 a share / target .50
Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes rocket deployed whole-aircraft emergency parachute systems for use on general aviation and recreational aviation aircraft. The parachute systems are designed to safely descend the entire aircraft and its occupants in the event of an in-air emergency, including mid-air collisions, structure failure, engine failure, pilot incapacitation, and unstable meteorological conditions, among other things. The Company operates in four market segments: general aviation aircraft as certified by the FAA; light sport aircraft (LSA), which are smaller two-seat aircraft; recreational/sport aviation (known as ultralight aircraft), and personal protective equipment. On November 16, 2007, the Company, through its majority owned subsidiary, Advanced Tactical Fabrication Inc. (ATF) acquired substantially all of the assets of Head Lites Corporation (HLC), which manufactures high visibility personal safety products. At home and abroad, the government’s use of manned and unmanned airborne platforms for surveillance and training has countless applications. Emerging technology in both these applications is reducing the cost of intelligence gathering and training for a variety of government agencies. In either application, a primary responsibility is to protect civilians and preserve government assets.
Since 1980, BRS Inc. (Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc.) has developed a line of whole-aircraft recovery systems credited with saving hundreds of lives and minimizing property damage. These unique safety systems are designed to provide a parachute-assisted descent that facilitates recovery of a disabled unmanned craft with minimal-to-no damage to onboard sensors. The documented success and acceptance of this technology has evolved into a robust product line of engineered systems and has become standard equipment on the world’s best selling certified General Aviation aircraft.
For government applications, BRS has developed two innovative product lines: PASSIVE™ and MAVEREC™:
PASSIVE™ for UAS (Parachute Assisted Safety System for Internal Vehicle Emergencies)

The increasingly congested National Airspace System will see more and more pressure from government and private agencies wanting to utilize it for UAS operations in congested areas. This could be problematic from a public policy acceptance viewpoint if errant UASs should cause property damage or human injury. However, the BRS on-board PASSIVE system minimizes risk to the general population by providing a proven fail-safe mechanism for recovery of an unmanned craft in the event of an unmanageable in-flight failure. In addition to public safety issues, PASSIVE will save the agency or private firm operating the UAS untold millions in damage to on-board sensors when uncontrollable failures occur.

BRS PASSIVE Systems can be deployed manually from the ground or automatically from the UAS. Safety margins can be established allowing the UAS to self-deploy PASSIVE in the event of uncommanded maneuvers, minimum controllable airspeed, excessive vertical speed, and more. PASSIVE Systems can be fitted to UASs ranging in weight from 500 to 7,500 pounds maximum gross weight.South St. Paul, MN, December 1st, 2009 -- Grob Aircraft, headquartered in Mattsies, Germany, and BRS Aerospace of South St. Paul, Minnesota, announced today their agreement to form a strategic partnership for the design and utilization of BRS’ ballistic parachute aircraft recovery systems to be installed on the Grob line of screening, elementary, and basic training aircraft.

Army Issues 70% Increase To BRS Aerospace Parachute Contract

The US Army has increased BRS Aerospace's initial contract for 2,600 Low Velocity cargo parachutes by another 1,900 units over the same time period.
BRS Aerospace Wins Two Additional Army Contracts

BRS Wins Two Additional Army Contacts

South St. Paul, MN July 28, 2009. BRS Aerospace announced today that it had been awarded two new Army contracts to produce up to 3,500 High and Low Velocity Cargo parachutes over the next two years.
BRS Aerospace Announces Profit
BRS Aerospace Announces Profit for 3rd quarter FY 09


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ProtoKinetix, Inc.(PKTX) .10 a share Target price .20
ProtoKinetix, Inc. is a research and product development stage company. The Company owns the world-wide rights to a family of anti-aging glycoproteins, trademarked as AAGPs. In scientific tests AAGPs have demonstrated the ability to improve the health and extend the life of biologically sensitive cells, which have been subjected to severe stress conditions under laboratory controlled test conditions. AAGPs are stable and non-toxic. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had not sold any products. The Company is also researching the benefits and feasibility of synthesized Antifreeze Glycoproteins (AFGP). - Independent studies done by universities and corporations have illustrated a remarkable increase in the yield of viable stem cells after cryopreservation using AAGP(TM) in the freeze-thaw process. One future approach to increasing diabetics' insulin production is related to an ability to convert their stem cells into islet cells for transplantation. The feasibility of this procedure is dependent upon the amount of functioning islet cells that can be derived from the patient's stem cells. This is where AAGP(TM) can make a very beneficial contribution.

The Edmonton Protocol has successfully transplanted islet cells from donated pancreases into the liver and subsequently produced insulin in the patients. This protocol has been adopted by hospitals around the world, however, the lack of donors and the requirement for anti-rejection drugs severely restricts its use on a wide spread basis. The scientific community has been aggressively pursuing the ability to differentiate a person's stem cells into islet cells. This achievement will provide a compatible source of islet cells that can be used in conjunction with the Edmonton Protocol. In order for this exciting new treatment to be both successful and economic on a universal scale, it is imperative that a very high recovery rate of islet cells is achieved. ProtoKinetix has demonstrated that it will be playing a pivotal role in the future treatment of diabetes.
About ProtoKinetix
ProtoKinetix, Inc. is a biotechnology company that has developed and patented a family of synthetic anti-aging glycoproteins (AAGP(TM)) for medicine and the biotechnology and cosmetic industries. PKTX is currently in dialogue.this is a long & risky term play ! PKTX ,Shows Promise as a Tool in Diabetes Treatment / Cure.
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