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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving week stocks to watch ( penny Stocks )

These stocks are usually going up or down with news or technical.If you are looking to day trade, you might want to check out the following stocks.

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal

MELA 4.98 96.94% 18478912 Top Gainers

FONR 1.64 60.78% 3411732 Top Gainers

CPWM 7.24 35.07% 2018897 Top Gainers

LNG 6.16 27.01% 6504585 Top Gainers

APRI 2.70 22.73% 2277250 Top Gainers

TDBK 1.22 22.00% 18805 Top Gainers

LORL 79.23 16.95% 1301400 New High

CPWM 7.24 35.07% 2018897 New High

LNG 6.16 27.01% 6504585 New High

HIBB 32.74 16.26% 2533990 New High

HBE 8.44 0.00% 14561 Overbought

BSQR 5.69 0.00% 144085 Overbought

USB 24.87 0.65% 8941758 Unusual Volume

FONR 1.64 60.78% 3411732 Unusual Volume

VALV 6.51 -7.00% 289827 Unusual Volume

CVI 11.30 -1.65% 11196071 Unusual Volume

HE 22.44 0.31% 628480 Upgrades

ANN 25.77 8.51% 6583394 Earnings Before

CAMP 2.65 0.76% 12325 Insider Buying

Keep on eye Bear ETF to Watch-I am back again bear Bear ETF near 1200 on Thursday again.Bear ETF which are good trading opportunity for the market as long as technical doesn't improve. I always set alert in my watch list.Take look my market Ta analysis, I will long again BEAR ETF.

BGZ- Daily Large Cap Bear 3x Shares

MWN- Daily Mid Cap Bear 3x Shares

TZA- Daily Small Cap Bear 3x Shares

ERY- Daily Energy Bear 3x Shares

FAZ -Daily Financial Bear 3x Shares

DRV- Daily Real Estate Bear 3x Shares

SOXS -Daily Semiconductor Bear 3x Shares

TYP -Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares

BRIS- Daily BRIC Bear 2x Shares BNY Mellon

DPK- Daily Developed Markets Bear 3X Shares

CZI- Daily China Bear 3x Shares

EDZ- Daily Emerging Markets Bear 3x Shares

INDZ- Daily India Bear 2x Shares

Story & Break out Stocks List:

Acme Packet,Inc(APKT)-Share of Acme Packet,Inc hit new 52 weeks high on Friday stock is buy any weakness near $44 which is support level. Stock could see $50 stock in coming days.

General Motors Corporation (GM)-General Motors Corporation new IPO cam this week.I will not buy here until break over $36.I will trade only day trade this stock

Telestone Technologies Corp.(TSTC)-This is another hot stock is my watch list for next 3-4 weeks. I think this stock could see $20 stock near future.Support level is $13 area which is good support level need to watch for long side.

Las Vegas Sands Corp.(LVS)- Shares of Las Vegas Sands Corp. is another rebound on Friday and break over $48.50. Las Vegas Sands will have resistance will be $50.Stock is buy any weakness near $40 any market correction.That will be good place to buy again long.

MGM Resorts International (MGM)-Share of MGM Resorts International (MGM) is my watch list near future.Stock next resistance $14-$15 level and support level is $11.Stock is buy list any weakness.

DryShips, Inc. (DRYS)-Share of drys is trading over all moving average which is bullish here. DryShips, Inc. broke through $5.62 on Thursday which is bullish. The next major resistance for Dryships $6. Drys i has support $5.20 which will be stop.

Riverbed Technology, Inc (RVBD)-Share of Riverded Technology is one of the hottest stock in market because of. CSCO weakens I think RVBD is watch list now. Stock break old high and new 52 weeks high and support level is $26 level.Longer term stock could see $35-$40 stock.

NutriSystem Inc. (NTRI) - Share of NutriSystem is hot stock in market now.Stock has support level is $19.30.Some resistance level located at $22-$24.Stock is buy any weakness.

Coinstar Inc. (CSTR)-Share of Coinstar Inc. (CSTR) is now down side with market.Next resistance level now $65-$67 and support level is $55.Stock is buy near $55 any weakness in market.

Akamai Technologies Inc. (AKAM) -Akamai Technologies Inc is trading near $49 level.I will go long if stock close over $50 area. Stock has nest resistance level is $50-$52 and support level is $45-$46.

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)-Shares of Netflix, Inc. has nice gain on Friday hold $170 level. Netflix Inc will now have resistance located at $179. Netflix can be played both long and short only for active day trader. Netflix Inc is a buy on pullbacks below $155.Pullbacks below $160 will probably be a good buy.

Baidu, Inc. (BIDU)- Shares of Baidu, Inc. is rebound today with the market.Baidu Inc has resistance located between $110-$115. Baidu will now have major support around $100 which must hold. Pullbacks below $90 are a buy.Baidu will now have major support around $95-$96 which must hold going forward. I will be buyer Baidu Inc, below $90 if we ever see a major correction.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX)-FCX is broke key support level $100 on Tuesday.Next support level is $92 area which is to good buying opportunity.Next resistance level $100-$105.Stock is up/down depend on copper price.I took my profit today because I think time pull back from here and looking for next opportunity.

Transocean Ltd. (RIG)-Stock is trading over $69 now.Stock to need hold $61 level which is support area.Resistance level is $70.Longer term stock could see $70-$80 stock next 3-4 months stock is is so cheap, I will buyer any weakness.

Intrepid Potash, Inc. (IPI)-Share of Intrepid Potash, Inc. (IPI) is holding support 50 day moving average. I will buy if break over $32 which is next resistance area need to watch.

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. (POT)-Shares of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. are back below $140.Potash Corp will have resistance located at $140 and support level $135. If I am long the stock I will make sure some hedge in put side.

United States Steel Corp. (X)-United States Steel Corp is trading under all moving average which is bearish.United States Steel found support $41.35 area.Going forward big resistance level will be $50-$52 area.I will keep on eye for trading opportunity.

Mercadolibre, Inc. (MELI)-Share of Mercadolibre, Inc. (MELI) is rebound from $56.60 level this week which is support area. Resistance level is $62-$65 which resent high.If broke $56.60 stock could see $50 area.Stock is short candidate now any bounce.

SanDisk Corp. (SNDK)-Shares of SNDK is trading near all moving average which is bullish sign now but stock did not hold $40 level.Resistance level is $43 area and support level is $38.

Popular Stocks List:

Apple Inc. (AAPL)- Share of Apple Inc.(AAPL) is trading $305 level.Shares of Apple Inc. found short term support area $300.I think stock is for long term buy $280.Apple share will not next leg as long as break over $311.Next support area 50 day moving average at $296.74. Apple should hang around the $291-$300 zone for a little while before the next major move.I think stock is for long term buy $280.I will keep waiting for in this area again long term next 6 months apple could see $330-$350 target.

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM)-Shares of Research in Motion Ltd had a pullback with the stock market on Tuesday. Research in Motion is a strong buy below $55 any weakness.Shares of Research in Motion Ltd next resistance level is $60. Research in Motion was a strong buy below $50. Research in Motion will buy any weakness under $50.

Oracle Corp. (ORCL)-Shares of Oracle Corp is trading near $29 level.Oracle does not have any major resistance until $30. I will be buyer any pullback which is $25 area for long term.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)-Shares of Cisco Systems, Inc. closed near $20.Cisco Systems has support located between $19.80-$20.Cisco Systems is a strong buy below $20 per share for long term buy list for 2011.

Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares (FAZ)

Daily Financial Bull 3X Shs(ETF)(FAS)-FAS share is trading near $23.FAS has resistance located at $24.50-$25.The stock is a strong buy on pullbacks below $20 but will have resistance located at $28-$29.FAZ is my hedge my portfolio.

Bank of America Corporation (BAC)- Bank of America is closed under $12 with bad market.Now will new resistance level $12.50-$13. If Bank of America would break below $11, we could see $10 in coming days. This would probably cause the stock market to correction come near future.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)- Shares of Goldman Sachs Group closed under $170. Goldman Sachs does not have any major resistance until $177.84. Goldman Sachs is now a strong buy below $160.

YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW)-Shares of YRC Worldwide continue to trade below $4.00 last few days.I will careful for this stock to trade near future buy only when break over $5.

Ford Motor Co. (F)- Ford will resistance level at at $17.42 but if the stock breaks that level, it could shoot into the $18-$20 stock near future. Ford has big run last few weeks. I think stock could see more down side now.In all other indicator shows some downside for sure but nothing for sure in market. Ford is a strong buy below $15.Ford remains a strong buy on any major pullback.This is my long term investment.

SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. (SIRI)- Shares of Sirius XM Radio is trading near $1.40.Sirius XM Radio will now have resistance area at $1.45. Longer term stock could go $1.85.Sirius XM Radio is a strong buy on pullbacks below $1.30.

Weekly Stocks Pick - Right Here coming in weekend.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)- Shares of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. fell back below $8.00. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will not have major resistance until $8.25-$8.50. which is recent high. Advanced Micro Devices has strong support around $7.00.

Arena Pharmaceuticals,Inc.(ARNA)-ARNA bounced on Friday but are still well below $1.50.Arena Pharmaceuticals has resistance at $1.93 & $2.00

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTIC) - Shares of Cell Therapeutics, Inc. is my watch list A lot trader holding into the FDA decision.But my personal opinion it is lottery ticket stock could be winner or lesser.But I will invest some money for risk on it.

SOLAR Stocks: I will keep an eye on the following solar stocks for trading opportunities. All those may even be a some short term buy signal. All those stocks TA look bad now. I want buy over resistance level. I want short any bounce stop will be resistance level.

FSLR - Support = $120, resistance = $130.

STP - Support = $7, resistance = $12.

TSL - Support = $21, resistance = $25.

JASO - Support = $6, resistance = 10.

CSIQ - Support = $15, resistance = $18.

YGE - Support = $12, resistance = $15.

ENER - Support = $4, resistance = $5.70.

SPWRA-Support = $13, resistance = $16.

COAL Stocks: I will keep an eye on the following solar stocks for trading opportunities. All those may even be a some short term buy signal. All those stocks TA look bad now. I want buy over resistance level. I want short any bounce stop will be resistance level.If I am go long stop will be support level.

BTU - Support =$50, resistance = $60.

ANR -Support =$42, resistance = $47.

JRCC-Support =$15, resistance = $20.

PCX - Support =$11, resistance = $16.

ACI - Support =$22, resistance = $28.

Top Stocks Gainers -11/19/10

MELA MELA Sciences, Inc. 96.94%

FONR Fonar Corp. 60.78%

ASB AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation 56.25%

CPWM Cost Plus Inc. 35.07%

TIBB TIB Financial Corp. 29.77%

GPR GeoPetro Resources Company 27.27%

LNG Cheniere Energy, Inc. 27.01%

NGBF New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. 26.67%

FMAR First Mariner Bancorp 23.08%

APRI Apricus Biosciences, Inc. 22.73%

TDBK Tidelands Bancshares Inc. 22.00%

RBNF Rurban Financial Corp. 20.36%

CFBK Central Federal Corp. 20.00%

NVGN Novogen Limited 19.51%

MPG MPG Office Trust, Inc. 19.40%

AH Accretive Health, Inc. 18.93%

SVBI Severn Bancorp Inc. 18.75%

ALRN American Learning Corporation 18.30%

CRM 18.11%

SAPX Seven Arts Pictures plc 17.65%

ISR IsoRay, Inc. 17.42%

LORL Loral Space & Communications, Inc. 16.95%

MGIC Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. 16.44%

FPBI FPB Bancorp Inc. 16.28%

HIBB Hibbett Sports, Inc. 16.26%

NGAS NGAS Resources Inc. 16.19%

CART Carolina Trust Bank 15.67%

PRPH ProPhase Labs, Inc. 15.08%

EAG American Defense Systems, Inc. 14.29%

DTLK Datalink Corp. 13.80%

PXG Phoenix Footwear Group Inc. 13.46%

NEXS Nexxus Lighting, Inc. 13.40%

GV Goldfield Corp. 13.30%

ELTK Eltek Ltd. 13.18%

TEAR TearLab Corporation 12.92%

WBNK Waccamaw Bankshares Inc. 12.73%

DSTI DayStar Technologies Inc. 12.50%

MCBF Monarch Community Bancorp Inc. 12.07%

N NetSuite Inc. 11.68%

FL Foot Locker, Inc. 11.62%

DLM Del Monte Foods Co. 11.46%

BCAR Bank of the Carolinas Corp. 11.34%

PRS Primus Guaranty, Ltd. 11.34%

FTK Flotek Industries Inc. 11.22%

NOEC New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp 11.11%

COIN Converted Organics Inc. 11.11%

TBUS DRI Corporation 10.71%

SUMR Summer Infant, Inc. 10.48%

BNVI Bionovo, Inc. 10.43%

PLCC Paulson Capital Corp. 10.23%

PRVT Private Media Group Inc. 10.14%

NSYS Nortech Systems Inc. 10.13%

GMET Geomet, Inc. 10.00%

LGL The LGL Group, Inc. 9.97%

ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 9.45%

CNAM China Armco Metals, Inc. 9.35%

WLT Walter Energy, Inc. 9.34%

HDY Hyperdynamics Corporation 9.25%

FPP Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp. 9.12%

WWIN Winner Medical Group Inc. 9.11%

ORS Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. 8.82%

NTN NTN Buzztime Inc. 8.82%

APKT Acme Packet, Inc. 8.82%

LNET LodgeNet Interactive Corporation 8.70%

DMC Document Security Systems, Inc. 8.64%

ICO International Coal Group, Inc. 8.51%

ANN AnnTaylor Stores Corp. 8.51%

CCRT CompuCredit Holdings Corp. 8.41%

LTON Linktone Ltd. 8.39%

CYAN Cyanotech Corp. 8.34%

AHS AMN Healthcare Services Inc. 8.33%

SILC Silicom Ltd. 8.28%

CSII Cardiovascular Systems Inc. 8.20%

GRH GreenHunter Energy, Inc. 8.18%

CYTR CytRx Corporation 8.16%

GST Gastar Exploration, Ltd. 8.16%

PBIP Prudential Bancorp Inc. Of Pennsylvania 8.14%

New 52 Week Highs -Friday

CPWM Cost Plus Inc.

LORL Loral Space & Communications, Inc.

LNG Cheniere Energy, Inc.

HIBB Hibbett Sports, Inc.


FL Foot Locker, Inc.

NCT Newcastle Investment Corp.

DLM Del Monte Foods Co.

ICO International Coal Group, Inc.

DMC Document Security Systems, Inc.

WLT Walter Energy, Inc.

PRS Primus Guaranty, Ltd.

FTK Flotek Industries Inc.

WWWW Group, Inc.

ALLT Allot Communications Ltd.

MGIC Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.

CGL-A Cagle's Inc.

CSII Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

DRJ Dreams Inc.

DECK Deckers Outdoor Corp.

ENV Envestnet, Inc.

UA Under Armour, Inc.

ST Sensata Technologies Holding NV

FLXS Flexsteel Industries Inc.

CKH Seacor Holdings Inc.

SILC Silicom Ltd.

FTI FMC Technologies, Inc.

SLI SL Industries Inc.

FRD Friedman Industries Inc.

MBWM Mercantile Bank Corp.

CAM Cameron International Corporation

FCS Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc.

AMSWA American Software, Inc.

LAYN Layne Christensen Co.

QCOR Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

SGC Superior Uniform Group Inc.

APKT Acme Packet, Inc.

SPN Superior Energy Services Inc.

ANN AnnTaylor Stores Corp.

NKE Nike Inc.

VOCS Vocus Inc.


JAZZ Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

GTLS Chart Industries Inc.

SHFL Shuffle Master Inc.

GCO Genesco Inc.

CRR CARBO Ceramics Inc.

OVTI OmniVision Technologies Inc.

ANEN Anaren Inc.

LULU Lululemon Athletica Inc.

VRUS Pharmasset, Inc.

NTIC Northern Technologies International Corp.

STRT Strattec Security Corp.

BWC The Babcock & Wilcox Company

HRL Hormel Foods Corp.

NRP Natural Resource Partners LP

WNR Western Refining Inc.

LCRY LeCroy Corp.

ILMN Illumina Inc.

MIND Mitcham Industries Inc.

CY Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

BRCM Broadcom Corp.

CALP Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

ENS EnerSys

ECT Eca Marcellus Trust I

RVBD Riverbed Technology, Inc.

TXN Texas Instruments Inc.

QTM Quantum Corp.


TWIN Twin Disc Inc.

SCS Steelcase Inc.

ALY Allis-Chalmers Energy, Inc.

BMRN BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

MSG Madison Square Garden, Inc.

DMND Diamond Foods, Inc.

ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

NFX Newfield Exploration Co.

MRH Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd.

RURL Rural/Metro Corp.

PLL Pall Corp.

HLF Herbalife Ltd.

FELE Franklin Electric Co. Inc.

FO Fortune Brands Inc.

CLR Continental Resources Inc.

RFI Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund Inc.

GNET Global Traffic Network Inc.

IEZ iShares Dow Jones US Oil Equipment Index

MXIM Maxim Integrated Products Inc.

SFSF SuccessFactors, Inc.

VRTS Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.

HAL Halliburton Company

KO The Coca-Cola Company

WLK Westlake Chemical Corp.

TITN Titan Machinery, Inc.

AQQ American Spectrum Realty Inc.

WAT Waters Corp.

TOO Teekay Offshore Partners LP

TAXI Medallion Financial Corp.

MSFG Mainsource Financial Group

PBH Prestige Brands Holdings Inc.

TIF Tiffany & Co.

FISV Fiserv, Inc.

NOG Northern Oil and Gas, Inc.

OBAF OBA Financial Services, Inc.

IGTE iGATE Corporation

IPGP IPG Photonics Corporation

CBRL Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.

MHR Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.

CWEI Clayton Williams Energy Inc.

EL Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

TK Teekay Corporation

PXJ PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services

CBD Companhia Brasileira de Distribuicao

XES SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

HNR Harvest Natural Resources Inc.

GSIT GSI Technology Inc.

WLL Whiting Petroleum Corp.

PXI PowerShares Dynamic Energy

FORR Forrester Research Inc.

ETN Eaton Corporation

CEL Cellcom Israel Ltd.

PWOD Penns Woods Bancorp Inc.

NGLS Targa Resources Partners LP

MTSC MTS Systems Corp.

CAT Caterpillar Inc.

CPO Corn Products International Inc.

THI Tim Hortons Inc.

SOA Solutia Inc.

SIG Signet Jewelers Limited

SLB Schlumberger Limited

CEBK Central Bancorp Inc.

CII BlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income Fund, Inc.

SFL Ship Finance International Limited

HANS Hansen Natural Corporation

VMED Virgin Media, Inc.

CPNO Copano Energy LLC

RFG Rydex S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth

GKNT Geeknet, Inc.

NWF Nuveen Insured Florida Tax Free Advantage Municipal Fund

DWCH Datawatch Corp.

ROAC Rock of Ages Corp.

CJBK Central Jersey Bancorp

POPE Pope Resources LP

VAR Varian Medical Systems Inc.

NBTF NB&T Financial Group Inc.

VRNT Verint Systems Inc.

New 52-Week Low -Friday

PCBC Pacific Capital Bancorp

PLBC Plumas Bancorp

BBX BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc.

NEWL NewLead Holdings Ltd.

BCON Beacon Power Corporation

CNLG Conolog Corp.

SCON Superconductor Technologies Inc.

PCBS Provident Community Bancshares, Inc.

ISRG Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

STLY Stanley Furniture Co. Inc.

MDAS MedAssets, Inc.

PHM PulteGroup, Inc.

PRMW Primo Water Corporation

SPEX Spherix Inc.

CLBH Carolina Bank Holdings Inc.

CMRO Comarco, Inc.

ENOC EnerNOC, Inc.

NNA Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation

NFEC NF Energy Saving Corp.

SHP ShangPharma Corporation America

BKMU Bank Mutual Corporation


CSNT Crescent Banking Co.

CWLZ Cowlitz Bancorp.

BOVA Bank of Virginia

ANPI Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

NWF Nuveen Insured Florida Tax Free Advantage Municipal Fund

DYII Dynacq Healthcare Inc.

CTC IFM Investments Limited

ATC Cycle Country Accessories Corp.

GIA Gulfstream International Group Inc.

AWBC AmericanWest Bancorporation

RHIE RHI Entertainment, Inc.

RINO RINO International Corporation

Other Stocks to Watch - 11/22/2010

SQNM-Sequenom Inc.

GPK-Graphic Packaging Holding Company

XRA-Exeter Resource Corporation

NLST-Netlist Inc.

RIG-Transocean Ltd.

FCX-Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

CHTP-Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd.

MARVL-Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

SEED-Origin Agritech Limited

INAP-Internap Network Services Corp.

OSUR-OraSure Technologies Inc.

PCS-MetroPCS Communications Inc.

SWSI-Superior Well Services Inc.

BZH-Beazer Homes USA Inc.

PMI-PMI Group Inc.

SKH-Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc.

CYCC-Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ATHX-Athersys, Inc.

JOEZ-Joe's Jeans Inc.

CASC-China Agritech Inc.

MOS-Mosaic Co.

FAS-Daily Finan. Bull 3X Shs(ETF)

CNLG-Conolog Corp.

AIB-Allied Irish Banks plc

DCTH-Delcath Systems Inc.

LVS-Las Vegas Sands Corp.

BBEP-Breitburn Energy Partners LP

SMTB-Smithtown Bancorp Inc.

PNX-Phoenix Companies Inc.

LEAP-Leap Wireless International Inc.

PARL-Parlux Fragrances Inc.

NEWS-NewStar Financial, Inc.

PZZA-Papa John's International Inc.

NR-Newpark Resources Inc.

ACXM-Acxiom Corporation.

BEXP-Brigham Exploration Co.

ARRY-Array BioPharma, Inc.

BEAT-CardioNet, Inc.

RXII-RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation

XRTX-Xyratex Ltd.

MGPI-MGP Ingredients Inc.

JASO-JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

HOKU-Hoku Scientific, Inc.


USEG-US Energy Corp.

BEXP-Brigham Exploration Co.

CSCO-Cisco Systems, Inc.

AMD-Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

IOC-InterOil Corporation

HXL-Hexcel Corp.

FLR-Fluor Corporation.

AMED-Amedisys Inc.

NSU-Nevsun Resources Ltd.

APL-Atlas Pipeline Partners LP

BPSG-Broadpoint Gleacher Securities Group, Inc.

ONCY-Oncolytics Biotech, Inc.

ARAY-Accuray Incorporated

SNIC-Sonic Solutions

SOLF-Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd.

JASO-JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

HAUP-Hauppauge Digital Inc.

PWER-Power-One Inc.

MTXX -Matrixx Initiatives Inc.

MELA-MELA Sciences, Inc.

LEAP-Leap Wireless International Inc.

LVS-Las Vegas Sands Corp.

SOMX-Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

OPTT-Ocean Power Technologies, Inc

PLXT-PLX Technology Inc.

SKH-Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc.

DRYS-DryShips, Inc.

DNDN-Dendreon Corp.

CAT-Caterpillar Inc.

BAC-Bank of America Corp.

SNDK-SanDisk Corp.

ARTG-Art Technology Group Inc.

LVS-Las Vegas Sands Corp

SEED-Origin Agritech Limited

RINO-RINO International Corporation

IPGP-IPG Photonics Corporation

MITI-Micromet, Inc.

NFLX-Netflix, Inc.

FAZ-Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares

CLNE-Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

GMCR-Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.

CREE-Cree Inc.

PARL-Parlux Fragrances Inc.

NEWS-NewStar Financial, Inc.

NR-Newpark Resources Inc.

FFIV-F5 Networks, Inc.

ZANE-Zanett Inc.

CAL-Continental Airlines, Inc.

ETEC-E*TRADE Financial Corporation

ICOP-ICOP Digital Inc.

PZZA-Papa John's International Inc

BIDU-Baidu, Inc.

PIR-Pier 1 Imports Inc.

AA-Alcoa, Inc.

SOLR-GT Solar International, Inc.

DSTI-DayStar Technologies Inc.

FSLR-First Solar, Inc.


MGM-MGM Resorts International

IRF-Bank of Ireland

ARNA-Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

CSUN-China Sunergy Co. Ltd.

RMBS-Rambus Inc.

THC-Tenet Healthcare Corp.

WAVX-Wave Systems Corp.

UAUA-UAL Corporation

KERX-Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

HBAN-Huntington Bancshares Inc.

CLF-Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.

INTU-Intuit Inc.

TSL-Trina Solar Ltd.

OPTT-Ocean Power Technologies, Inc

PLXT-PLX Technology Inc.

ARTG-Art Technology Group Inc.

AMR-AMR Corporation

AA-Alcoa, Inc.

BDSN-BSD Medical Corp.

CRDC-Cardica Inc.

POT-Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc Incorporated

IFLG-InfoLogix, Inc.

RIMM-Research In Motion Ltd.

LCC-US Airways Group, Inc.

AIG-American Intl Group, Inc.

CIGX-Star Scientific, Inc.

ARNA-Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

GNEZ-Genzyme Corp.


Penny Stocks to Watch - 11/22/2010

LVLT-Level 3 Communications Inc.

CPST-Capstone Turbine Corp.

EEE-Evergreen Energy, Inc.

OCNF-OceanFreight, Inc.

DSCO-Discovery Laboratories Inc.

BCON-Beacon Power Corporation

AEN-Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

CYTR-CytRx Corporation

GNVC-GenVec, Inc.

RPRX-Repros Therapeutics Inc.

BGP-Borders Group, Inc.

AGEN-Antigenics Inc.

GNBT-Generex Biotechnology Corp.

CPST-Capstone Turbine Corp.

RAS-RAIT Financial Trust

CTZN-Citizens First Bancorp Inc.

RPC-Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation

INUV-Inuvo, Inc.

DPTR-Delta Petroleum Corp.

CAPS-Orthologic Corp.

LEI-Lucas Energy, Inc.

JSDA-Jones Soda Co.

HEB-Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.

ABK-Ambac Financial Group, Inc.

SNSS-Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc

BNVI-Bionovo, Inc.

AEZS-AEterna Zentaris Inc.

GORX-GeoPharma Inc.


ANPI-Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc.


STEM-StemCells Inc.

BQI-Oilsands Quest, Inc.

PCBC-Pacific Capital Bancorp

PEIX-Pacific Ethanol, Inc.

ARWR-Arrowhead Research Corp.

SUPR-Superior Bancorp.

HSWI-HSW International, Inc.

GSX-Gasco Energy Inc.

NENG-Network Engines Inc.

MERX-Merix Corp.

XRM-Xerium Technologies Inc.

LXRX-Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ANSV-Anesiva, Inc.

HYTM-Hythiam Inc.

SSN-Samson Oil & Gas Limited

CYCC-Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

RNN-Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

DPRT-Delta Petroleum Corp.

ACAD-ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

TMR-Meridian Resource Corp.

FREE-FreeSeas Inc.

CDII-China Direct Industries, Inc.

HNSN-Hansen Medical, Inc.

RAS-RAIT Financial Trust

TSTR-TerreStar Corporation

COIN-Converted Organics Inc.

BDCO-Blue Dolphin Energy Co.

ABCW-Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin, Inc.

CTBK-City Bank

FTK-Flotek Industries Inc.

GNBT-Generex Biotechnology Corp.

RTK-Rentech, Inc.

CTIC-Cell Therapeutics, Inc.

ABK-Ambac Financial Group, Inc.

JSDA-Jones Soda Co.

CPRX-Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc.

LTS-Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.

JOEZ-Joe's Jeans Inc.

AKRX-Akorn Inc.

DPTR- Delta Petroleum Corp.

ANX-Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

VG-Vonage Holdings Corporation

YRCW-YRC Worldwide Inc.

DSCO-Discovery Laboratories Inc.

HEB-Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.

LVLT-Level 3 Communications Inc.

AMFI-AMCORE Financial, Inc.

COOL-Majesco Entertainment Co.

VG-Vonage Holdings Corporation

RTK-Rentech, Inc.

NLTX-Nile Therapeutics, Inc

VRAZ-Veraz Networks, Inc.

STSA-STSA-Sterling Financial Corp.


OPWV-Openwave Systems Inc.

DPTR-Delta Petroleum Corp.

CNLG-Conolog Corp.

OCNF-OceanFreight, Inc.

ABK-Ambac Financial Group, Inc.

HEB-Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.

IRSN-Irvine Sensors Corp.

GNVC-GenVec Inc.

NEXM-NexMed Inc.

CHIO-China INSOnline Corp.

BGP-Borders Group, Inc.

CDII-China Direct Industries, Inc.

ABCW-Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin, Inc.

CTBK-City Bank

SIRI-Sirius XM Radio Inc.

RAD-Rite Aid Corp.

EMER-EMCORE Corporation

HLCS-Helicos BioSciences Corporation

GNVC-GenVec Inc.

FTK-Flotek Industries Inc.

CPRX-Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc.

LTS-Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.

JOEZ-Joe's Jeans Inc.

SSN-Samson Oil & Gas Limited

AEN-Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PEIX-Pacific Ethanol, Inc.

SNSS-Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

DSCO-Discovery Laboratories Inc.

OTC Pink Sheets Stocks to Watch - 11/22/2010

LTUM.OB- Lithium Corporation

MDCE.OB- Medical Care Technologies, Inc

WDRP.PK- Wanderport Corp.

AXCG.PK- Avenue Exchange Corp.

IMGG.OB-Imaging3 Inc.

WAMUQ.PK-Washington Mutual Inc.

MJNA.PK-Medical Marijuana, Inc.


ELCR.OB-Electric Car Company, Inc.

ADSY.OB-Ad Systems Communications, Inc.

AVTI.PK-Avitar Inc.

KATX.PK-KAT Exploration Inc.

NGBR.OB-Big Bear Mining Corp.

ESPH.OB-Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.


CRWG.OB- CrowdGather, Inc.

ZVTK.OB- Zevotek, Inc.

GERSD.OB-GreenShift Corporation

QASP.PK-Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.

MNDP.PK-Mundus Group, Inc.

MTLQQ.PK-Motors Liquidation Company

CCTC.PK-Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

CBAI.OB- Cord Blood America Inc.

PWRM.OB-Power 3 Medical Products Inc.

QASP.PK-Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.

SNWT.OB-San West, Inc.

SGTI.OB-Shengtai Pharmaceutical Inc.

TADF.OB-Tactical Air Defense Services Inc.

VRML.PK-Vermillion, Inc.

YASH.OB-Yasheng Eco-Trade Corporation.

YASH.OB-Yasheng Eco-Trade Corporation.

GGWPQ-. General Growth Properties Inc.

NXTH.OB-NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc.

POSC.OB- Positron Corp.

IRBL.PK-InRob Tech Ltd.


BLOKA.PK-Blockbuster Inc.

CHTL.OB-China Tel Group Inc.

VSTNQ.PK-Visteon Corp.


APCX.PK-AppTech Corp.

MSOA.PK-My Social Income, Inc.

NAACF.PK-National Clean Fuels Inc.

JALSY.PK-Japan Airlines.

MEXP.OB-Marine Exploration, Inc.

MMUH.PK-Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings, Inc.

NXCO.PK-Nexicon Inc

INBG.OB-International Building Technologies Group, Inc.

LBSR.OB-Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.

FRGY.PK-Frontier Energy Corp

AMNG.PK-Amergence Group

ZVTK.OB-Zevotek, Inc.

BIEL.PK-BioElectronics Corporation


PWRM.OB-Power 3 Medical Products Inc.

QASP.PK-Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.

SNWT.OB-San West, Inc.

SGTI.OB-Shengtai Pharmaceutical Inc.

TADF.OB-Tactical Air Defense Services Inc.

VRML.PK-Vermillion, Inc.


CBAI.OB-Cord Blood America Inc.

OOIL.OB-OriginOil, Inc.

CMIN.OB-Constitution Mining Corp.

FNMA.OB-Fannie Mae

FMCC.OB-Freddie Mac

STTN.OB-Smart-Tek Solutions Inc.

MTLQQ.PK-Motors Liquidation Company

GOIQ.PK-GoIP Global, Inc.

MOPN.PK-MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.

LQMT.PK-Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.


ACTC.OB- Advanced Cell Technology Inc.

MTLQQ.PK-Motors Liquidation Company

TPHM.PK- Thomas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

ISCO.OB- International Stem Cell Corporation

CHTL.OB- China Tel Group Inc.

BIEL.PK-BioElectronics Corporation

SPNG.PK- SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc.

GGWPQ.PK- General Growth Properties Inc.

RCYT.OB- Recycle-Tech Inc

CCTC- Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

JYHW.OB- JayHawk Energy, Inc.


CCTR.OB-China Crescent Enterprises, Inc.

WAMUQ.PK-Washington Mutual Inc.

VCTY.PK- Videolocity International Inc.

PVCT.OB- Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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