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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jim Cramer Mad Money Stock Highlights

Cramer said that he thinks McDonald's (MCD) is worth buying now because it already had a pullback on weak same store sales, and they report their quarter on Monday morning and that he is still bearish on Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

: Interview with First Horizon National (FHN) CEO Bryan Jordan

Cramer said that he isn't sure if the stock of this company is broken, or if the company itself is broken, because it has dropped 11% after he recommended it in March, so he had the CEO on the show to find out how the company is doing. After talking to the CEO and hearing about the improvements that the bank has made, Cramer said that he is still bullish, though he was wrong to recommend it last year.

: Interview with Devon Energy (DVN) CEO Larry Nichols

Cramer thinks that a global energy shortage is going to be one of the key themes of 2011, and he wants to make money off of the issue by investing in companies that have strong production growth and keep their costs under control, like DVN. He is bullish on this stock because he likes its growth potential, and he got an update on the company from the CEO.

: Lightning Round!

Amyris (AMRS): Cramer said that he has to do some homework on this stock and come back to it.

Frontier Communications (FTR): Cramer is bullish on this stock because of its high yield.

Tesoro (TSO): Cramer is bearish on this stock because he doesn't like the oil refining business.

Hot Topic (HOTT): Cramer is bearish on this stock because it doesn't have a strategy, and he said that he should have never recommended it.

Phillips Van-Heusen (PVH): Cramer is bullish on this stock because he likes the CEO.

Accuride (ACW): Cramer is bullish on this stock.

Cypress Semiconductor (CY): Cramer said that you should take profits in this stock because it has moved up so much.

American Semiconductor (AMSC): Cramer is bullish on this stock and thinks the recent pullback is a buying opportunity.

AllianceBernstein (AB): Cramer is bullish on this stock because it is cheap.

Qwest (Q): Cramer is bullish on this stock.

 Mad Money Mail

OM Group (OMG): Cramer said this stock is OK, but he would rather own PPG Industries (PPG).

rue21 (RUE): Cramer is bearish on this stock.

Cognex (CGNX): Cramer is bearish on this stock because he thinks their costs will rise.

Wellpoint (WLP): Cramer said that he is bullish on this stock

Other stock news
The short interest in AIG (AIG) rose 44% to 135.7 million shares. Short interest in Citigroup (C) rose 18% to 138 million. Shares short in Morgan Stanley (MS) were up 85% to 44 million. Shares short in Well Fargo (WFC) jumped 14% to 151.4 million. The short interest in American Express (AXP) rose 37% to 30.3 million.

“Safe” companies were also attacked by short sellers. Shares short in P&G (PG) rose 39% to 46.3 million. The short interest in GE (GE) rose 18% to 79.8 million. Shares short in AT&T (T) rose 30% to 41 million. The short interest n Caterpillar (CAT) was up 31% to 26.7 million.Short interest in Exxon (XOM) rose 18% to 39.5 million. Shares short in Microsoft (MSFT) rose 20% to 82.8 million. Shares short in Oracle (ORCL) were up 37% to 43.6 million. Short interest in Cisco CSCO) rose 9% to 61.4 million. Shares short in Apple (AAPL) moved up 16% to 28.1 million

InTouch IT3500 Wireless Internet Radio Cube w/Digital Frame Capability (Black)
heard from multiple sources inside of Google, and the two companies are close to a deal that will bring Digg under the Google News property. The acquisition price is in the $200 million range, says one source.

We first wrote about the Google-Digg negotiations in March. Despite a vigorous denial by Digg CEO Jay Adelson the negotiations continued, although Google’s Marissa Mayer reportedly cooled on the company for a period of time.

The companies are now in final negotiations according to our sources, although it could be a couple of weeks before it closes. And while the major deal points have been agreed on, the acquisition could still fall apart. Microsoft, which was previously interested in the company, may be willing to step back in at a much lower price.

Most of Digg’s revenue comes from a three year ad deal with Microsoft, which will be terminated on a sale to Google. Digg has raised $11.3 million in venture capital.

Meanwhile, Google’s fascination with the Digg voting concept continues.

via TechCrunch

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