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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jim Cramer likes Gold ? ( F, BP, C, KKD, GM, THM ) ?

CEO Jeff Pontius, International Tower Hill Mines (THM)

Will gold's meteoric rise, those who want to buy gold stocks now seem to be late to the party. Cramer thinks with emerging market demand and scarcity value, gold's story is far from over, but it is worth looking for undiscovered gold stocks that may be undervalued. International Tower Hill Mines (TMH) is a future gold mining company located in Canada. MIne construction is expected to start in 2014 and actual production will begin in 2016. While this mine is not large, the company's stock is only $9 and its market cap is $800 million. Once the mine operates, it is expected to generate 600,000 ounces of gold a year.

Jeff Pontius discussed the rigorous approval process for the mine, but he understands that the government wants to ensure that the environment is protected. He sees a significant upside for the company, especially since barriers to entry in the industry are high and finding new gold assets is increasingly difficult. When Cramer asked about partnerships with Chinese companies, Pontius responded that the company has had significant interest in partnerships from China and he will consider an attractive proposal of a partnership.

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Cramer warned that this stock is highly speculative but may be a great pick for a devoted gold bull. The stock may be more vulnerable than most to fluctuations in gold price, but its long-term story is solid.

When Will the Government Get Behind Natural Gas?

After urging the government to consider adopting natural gas as a bridge fuel, Cramer was pleased to hear President Obama mention natural gas in his energy speech. However, these remarks are mere lip service if politicians don't aggressively support a bill that would require trucks to run on natural gas. Currently, 25% of all imported oil is burned by trucks, and diesel is one of the dirtiest fuels around. Such a bill would create jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil. Until politicians in significant numbers support this proposal, Cramer is still skeptical about the future of natural gas in the U.S.

CEO Glenn Tellock, Manitowoc (MTW)

Manitowoc is a company that is aggressively reinventing itself and has seen its stock price soar. This industrial and food service equipment play rose from $13.47 to $17.11 after earnings, a 27% gain after just one day. For the past two months, Manitowoc has been constantly on the new high list and has risen 66% since its earnings report. The story is far from over with crane demand expected to increase substantially in emerging market countries, and as Japan prepares to rebuild.

Glenn Tellock said the main driver of the company's growth is from emerging market countries; there are few building projects in the U.S. While Japan is still in the phase of cleaning up and recovering, Tellock thinks Manitowoc may have a role to play there when the country begins to rebuild. Cramer asked how MTW could see such an increase in profits, since the majority of MTW's profits come from the food service sector and that group has not been performing well. Tellock responded that, rather than open new stores, many restaurant companies want to invest in devices that will speed up service, improve quality and enable them to compete more effectively. In the food service space, MTW is up 5-6% and continues to take market share.

When Cramer asked if MTW should split into two companies, Tellock responded that the two businesses have a synergy that might not be readily apparent, and the company benefits from having both of its segments under one roof. MTW has cleaned up a good portion of its debt, and Tellock said the company will continue doing so as it generates more cash through organic growth.

"I wish it would pull back," said Cramer. "The story is good...Crane demand worldwide is going to be incredible. I worry it has had a good run, but I don't want you to miss it."

PPG Industries (PPG), Cephalon (CEPH), Genzyme (GENZ), Qihoo (QIHU), GSI Commerce (GSIC), Amazon (AMZN), (CRM), Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD), GM (GM), Ford (F), BP (BP)

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With another good day for stocks, one might wonder if the market is starting to get complacent about bad news. Cramer thinks there is no complacency; the market has its eyes wide open to good news and likes what it sees. It is the bears that are asleep with their relentless, unexamined skepticism.

There were many great stories moving stocks upward. PPG Industries (PPG) pre-announced breathtaking earnings 18% higher than expected. The company proved that raw cost problems can be transcended by keeping other costs down, raising prices and generating higher revenues. Cephalon's (CEPH) hostile takeover bid makes the biotech sector look more attractive, especially on the heels of Genzyme's (GENZ) departure from the S&P 500 because of its own takeover bid. Qihoo's (QIHU) IPO was even bigger than expected, and the stock is up 136% from its initial price. GSI Commerce (GSIC) rose 52% on a takeover bid, and Amazon (AMZN) has been a strong performer.

Cramer took some calls: (CRM) should go higher on an acquisition, even as the bears hate the stock

Krispy Kreme Doughnut (KKD) may seem like a magnet for shorts, but Cramer wouldn't try to play a short squeeze. He thinks GM (GM) will have a terrific turnaround, Ford (F) has been in the doghouse too long, and American automakers are a better investment than doughnuts.

BP (BP) is a battleground stock. "I have enough problems with the real world. I think BP is just too darn hard. What do I need with the headache that is BP?"

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