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Monday, May 16, 2011

Jim Cramer a mad, Obnoxious , Says with Rival Website

Jim Cramer a Violent, Obnoxious Jerk, Says Guy with Rival Website

by Amy T.

Of all the things you might wake up to on a Sunday morning (fresh coffee, a dashing inamorato, perhaps a pile of crisp bacon…), an item in the papers about your hostile, behind-the-scenes work style is probably among the worst.

With that in mind, we’re going to guess that Jim Cramer isn’t having a great Sunday morning. And that he might need one or two bloody marys.

An item in the New York Post today reports that a memoir being released in June by founder Todd Harrison provides damaging details of the “Mad Money” host’s early career in finance. Among his his charges are that Cramer is allegedly a surly, hard-to-work-with pain in the behind. And he provides some unfortunate details of Cramer’s reported actions to back up his claims. Said details include:

– Allegedly trashing his office after a deal gone bad. (“The venom was thick as spit flew from his mouth, and he smashed his phone and keyboard against the desk, over and over… I heard an object, which I would later learn was a water bottle, smash against the closed door while I waited for the elevator.”)

– Reportedly using his staff at to intimidate his co-workers. After Harrison reportedly asked to dial down the number of columns he wrote per week, an editor at the financial news website allegedly wrote to him “you’ll never write in the town again.”

– Being (in Harrison’s opinion) an irrational jerk. (“Every day was either the best ever or the worst imaginable.. [he was] a living, breathing roller coaster.”)

Harsh stuff. Although, in all fairness to Cramer, we’re pretty sure that a lot of folks over on Wall Street could tell similar stories about their co-workers (we hear there’s a wee bit of pressure over there?). Also, is a competitor to, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Harrison has another motivation here, aside from sharing the truth for the truth’s sake.

On some level though, it’s nice to think that maybe Cramer’s loud, in-your-face style on his T.V. show isn’t all an act — it’s almost like we’re getting the real CramerKindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

by mad money fund Mad Money Fund
"This is old news and hardly revelatory. Anyone who did read Cramer's autobiography found a much more self-effacing, self-aware and articulate back in the day of his bipolar near-stroke-inducing days."
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