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Friday, March 30, 2012

how would Jim Cramer: Spend My Mega Millions Win

The multistate Mega Millions jackpot has everyone wondering what they would do if they were lucky enough to win the record-setting $640 million.

Like everyone else around the country, “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer is dreaming about how he’d spend the winnings. But unlike many, who may be thinking of that dream vacation, sports car or mansion, Cramer has set his sights on stocks—which should come as no surprise.

So how would Cramer invest his $640 million dollars?

He would buy equal parts IBM [IBM 208.65 0.38 (+0.18%) ], gold bullion, Apple [AAPL 599.55 -10.31 (-1.69%) ], Abbott Laboratories [ABT 61.29 0.31 (+0.51%) ] and Kraft [KFT 38.01 0.20 (+0.53%) ].

Those are his “safe” plays. However, he would also buy two speculative names: Magnum Hunter [MHR 6.41 0.01 (+0.16%) ] and Heckman [HEK 4.31 -0.08 (-1.82%) ].

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