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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday 2012: Best 10 deals

This highly subjective list, based on price and consumer interest, contains toys, video games and a lot of electronics. TVs, laptops and other tech toys are often discounted heavily in hopes of drawing the masses into stores. One bit of advice: Try shopping online first, says Michael Brim, the founder of With more stores starting their online sales on Wednesday, you might not need to get in your car on Thanksgiving evening, when many stores are now kicking off their sales. "If you miss out on an item online, you still have a second chance to pick it up in stores," Brim says. And often, there are some good last-minute, unadvertised deals. Our deal watchers say more deals on tablets in particular could land at the eleventh hour. Toshiba 40-inch, 1080p LCD HDTV at Best Buy and TVs are hitting some of their lowest price points this year, and this good-sized, brand-name set seems to be on a lot of shoppers' buy lists. Good thing you can find it at two different stores for the same price on Black Friday. Original price: $419.99 Black Friday price: $179 Stores: Best Buy and (price match) Apple iPad 2 (16 gigabytes with Wi-Fi) at Wal-Mart It's hard to find a sale on Apple products. Much like game consoles, the value with Apple products lies in what they are bundled with. In this case, a $75 gift card is enough to put this in the top five favorites of Black Friday shoppers. A deal on the iPad Mini, however, probably won't happen. Original price: $399 Black Friday price: $399 with a $75 Wal-Mart gift card Store: Wal-Mart Lego sets at Toys R Us A lot of toy sales center on products that aren't big sellers. Legos are a perennial favorite with kids, and 40% off a store's entire stock is a rare find indeed -- especially coming from a store that stocks such a wide variety. Original price: Varies Black Friday price: 40% off Store: Toys R Us ProScan 32-inch, 720p LCD HDTV at Kmart Just when you thought flat-screens couldn't go any lower in price, they did, nudging under the $100 mark. Second TV, anyone? Original price: $200 to $249 Black Friday price: $97 Store: Kmart (Amazon is matching it with a Haier 32-inch LCD HDTV for $97) Bing: Shop for the ProScan 32-inch, 720p LCD HDTV PlayStation 3 250-gigabyte system (with two games and wireless controller) at Target Video game consoles rarely take such a steep discount. This one appears to be bundled in the ad with the "Infamous" and "Uncharted Dual-Pack" games, as well as a wireless controller you'd probably buy anyway. Original price: $300 elsewhere for similar packages Black Friday price: $199.99 Store: Target Bing: Shop for the PlayStation 3 Skylanders Giants Starter Pack at Wal-Mart This hot new release of the video-game action figures and a game tops many kids' lists this year, following the franchise's launch last year. At this price, the pack -- which contains the three figures, a video game and a Portal of Power to activate the figures within the game -- could sell out. Original price: $74.99 Black Friday price: $38.96 Store: Wal-Mart Samsung Galaxy S III at Sam's Club This Android-powered smartphone is one of the most coveted holiday gifts this year. If you're willing to agree to a two-year contract and you're a member of Sam's Club, you can snag the latest model for under a buck. Original price: $200 Black Friday price: 96 cents with two-year contract (carriers vary by store) Store: Sam's Club
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