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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Growing in $ Dollars #cyber monday

Let's see ...we've got Black Friday ....Small Busines Saturday ....Cyber Monday ....there has to be a squad of yuppie marketing gurus trying to think up a sound bite for shopping on Thanksgiving .....let's just get it over with ....everybody go on vacation starting Thanksgiving Day until New Year's Day and we'll call it Consumption Fest ....and make really rich people pay off our credit card bills on Jan 2 . part to a majority of younger shoppers going exclusively online, sales in the space are growing at 15% annually. It's no wonder that, as Prabhakar points out, several retailers are being more attentive to the online parts of their business and spending more money on their digital operations. In fact she goes as far as to predict "traditional brick-and-mortar stores [are] almost going away -- it's going to be a thing of the past."Why do I check the US Treasury's Debt Clock every morning? To see how sick the US Economy got overnight so I can protect the family fortune from contagion. America has terminal Debt Disease. It deludes its victims that unions and communists did it. But who is doing it the best? Prabhakar points to the big department stores, notably Nordstrom (JWN) and Macy's (M), as leading the charge. Both stores have solid footing with customers who actually get in their cars and drive to the mall to do their shopping. But more and more, these stores and those like them are increasing the size of their cyber footprint. Nordstrom recently acquired online retailer HauteLook to beef up its online customer base, and it seems to be paying off.growing at 15% annually." This year will be the test though..... California has added State Sales Tax to online purchases, will this drive people back to the stores!?!? In fact, argues Prabhakar, "they're realizing that most of their sales are coming from online." Meanwhile, Macy's, realizing the same thing, has consistently seen its online sales expand every year of late. It all leads to one conclusion: Cyber Monday is here to stay, and it will only become a bigger part of the retail sector's profits. ... Related Quotes: JWN56.55+0.95+1.71%M41.73+0.72+1.76%XRT63.25+0.99+1.59%
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