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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jim Cramer Nightmare Stocks

Thursday's Market Roadmap The "Squawk on the Street" news team reports on today's top business headlines, including a look at what's driving the Dow to all-time highs; and Samsung's marketing push against Apple. CNBC's Jim Cramer is encouraged by the composition of the current rally, in which U.S. markets look to trade higher for a 10th-consecutive session. He said unlike past "bubble" rallies, the market is being led by companies representing real commerce, instead of "inflation stocks" that he called "a nightmare." "[The market] is once again transport-driven," Cramer said in a nod to the Dow Theory in which strength in transports is a bullish sign for manufacturing. On "Squawk on the Street," Cramer said moves like this make older investors "feel better because it's such bedrock, it represents commerce. They've been a leader, and that makes a good impression on the rest of us." (Read More: Cramer: After 9 Up Days, Now What?) "Materials haven't performed that well, but when you go back to the 2007-2008 advance, what led us?" Cramer asked. He listed Peabody, Cliffs Natural, Alcoa, Freeport McMoran, Potash and Agrium. Cramer's Stocks to Watch Don't start your trading day without finding out what CNBC's Jim Cramer is watching ahead of the opening bell. "I don't want those stocks doing well, and they're not, because, boy, are they ever a nightmare. You get US Steel putting on 100 points, when you get AK Steel being a leader, that's what happened last time," he said. "I love this leadership, it's not those companies." "I just don't want us to be led by a company like Chesapeake, like Apache, because those are inflation stocks," Cramer said, adding that he likes the market dynamic where a relative boom in energy is keeping a lid on inflation, "which makes the dollar stronger for good reasons, not bad." (Read More: Cramer's Gatsby Index: An Affluence Composite) "I still like the backdrop of the economy more than most. I was gratified that Procter cooled yesterday, that Kimberly cooled. These stocks have had too much of a run, and it's time for others to join in and that's what I started to see happen yesterday." "If this market were being led every day by the same stocks, then we would feel, I think, very 2007-2008," he said. "Each day someone comes to the fore and surprises you." By CNBC Toscano %Change IYT 111.20   0.06 0.05% TRAN 6233.87   1.28 0.02% BTU 21.355   -0.015 -0.07% CLF 21.8468   -0.8832 -3.89% AA 8.521   -0.019 -0.22% FCX 33.03   -0.05 -0.15% PTAM 0.09 --- UNCH 0% AGU 105.05   -1.52 -1.43% X 19.7775   -0.2625 -1.31% CHK 22.15   0.75 3.50% AKS 3.505   -0.035 -0.99% APA 75.82   0.54 0.72% PG 77.3579   0.5579 0.73% KMB 93.999   0.599 0.64% CNBC Stock
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