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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stock Market Futures for 7/1/13 Tesla Motors (TSLA) $TSLA Apple (AAPL) Top Stocks 2013 - Top Stock Gainers 2013

Stock Market Futures for 7/1/13 The Dow Jones and Stock Market rallied again on Friday. Will the stock market go up or down on Monday? Keep tabs on the stock market futures which will predict the open on Monday. If you are a stock trader or investor, check out my *stock picks group*.*Stock Market Closing Prices - 6/28/13* Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) Close - *14909.83 Down 114.66* Nasdaq Stock Market Close - *3403.25 Up 1.39* S&P 500 Close -* 1606.28 Down 6.92*** *Commodities Closing Prices - 6/28/13*Gold Close - 1232 Silver Close - 19.56 Oil Close - 96.47Natural Gas Close - 3.58 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at *14910* on 6/28/13, as the stock market rallied the morning but fell apart into the close. Noodles & Company (NDLS) IPO'd today We are making some big trades in there right now. Sign in and sign up.*Tesla Motors (TSLA) Stock Analysis 7/1/13 July 1, 2013 - *Follow @stockstobuy Tesla (TSLA) stock is trading just $6 away from an all time high. TSLA will have resistance at $114.75 going forward. Earnings will be a huge mover for this stock in three weeks. Shares of Tesla are a strong buy below $90. Technically, Tesla Motors (TSLA) continues to trade in an uptrend and has been holding it's recently rally.Apple (AAPL) Stock Analysis 7/1/13 July 1, 2013 - *Follow @stockstobuy Apple (AAPL) stock formed a double bottom in the $380's on Friday. Apple (AAPL) will have support between $382-$385. Apple (AAPL) is a strong buy down here for the long term but earnings will be the next catalyst for the stock in three weeks. Sell rallies into the $450's and $460's. If you want to switch into a better stock to get your loses back quicker, buy NDLS or TNA on a dip.I believe Apple (AAPL) will hit $500 *before* $300 Also see - *Top Stocks 2013* - *Top Stock Gainers 2013* Also see - *Top Stocks 2013* - *Top Stock Gainers 2013* *2013 Biggest Stock Gainers* - *Click Here* *Stock Market Futures - July 1, 2013* **Dow Jones Futures - *Up 25* S&P 500 Futures -* Up 2*
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