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Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 2014 Penny Stocks to Buy ( $MJNA ) ( $UPZS ) ( $CVSL ) ( $ICBT )

Unique Pizza & Subs 0.0038 (UPZS)Price Target 2014 0.01 a Share
"We are working with Better Baked Foods to reproduce our top quality Pizza. They have a bakery on site that can produce our fresh quality dough and a manufacturing facility next door that can produce up to 100,000 pizzas per hour! We have a box company, Whalen Packaging, which will produce a microwave safe, fully custom Pizza Box. We will enter the China market through the grocery stores and then branch out to the mobile push carts and franchised locations."

JULY 2013 - LOI CHINA DISTRIBUTION FROZEN PIZZAS signed with wholly owned foreign entity from the Peoples Republic of China. This agreement will help facilitate the import, warehouse and distribution of Unique Pizza and Sub's custom made frozen pizza and other proprietary products to grocery and convenience stores and all future China based franchisees.

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (OTC Markets Groups Inc.: OTC Pink: UPZS) a Delaware Corporation, is pleased to announce it will begin the process of implementing a EB-5 Visa Program and has sources for potential investors in China, who will be non-U.S. residents as defined by the Regulation S offering exemption. Unique Pizza and Subs will use its best efforts to qualify and acquire potential investors and will help them, prepare, complete and file their USCIS EB-5 application petitions. China is now the dominant market for EB-5 investors.

James Vowler President and CEO of Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation said, "Thanks to their years of experience and numerous business connections in the Beijing area, we will be able to seamlessly import, warehouse and distribute our high quality Unique products throughout this region. We will utilize their connections to shelve our products in hundreds of locations as we enter the China market through the grocery stores and then branch out to the mobile push carts and franchised locations.

Cvsl Inc. .57 (QB) (CVSL) Price Target 2014 .99 a share
Richmont, which approached Avon before Coty Inc. withdrew a sweetened $10.7 billion bid May 14, is betting Avon would consider its proposal a friendlier alternative, said the people, who declined to be identified because the matter is private. As one option, Richmont may consider offering to buy a minority stake of 25 percent or more, the people said ,Well, tell me that $CVSL doesn't look like it will be multi-dollars in the near future. And, by the way, these articles and press releases are all up to date. And not to mention, we just took majority control in a $100million company...CVSL Inc., formerly Computer Vision System Laboratories Corp., incorporated on June 15, 2011, seeks to acquire companies primarily in the direct-selling business and companies potentially engaging in businesses related to direct-selling. The Longaberger Company is a direct-selling business based in Newark, Ohio that sells hand-crafted baskets and a line of products for the home, including pottery, cookware, wrought iron and other home decor products, through a nationwide network of independent sales representatives. The Company owns 100% of Happenings Communications Group, Inc (HCG). A private direct selling company can partner with the Company and its owners gain the opportunity to monetize a portion of their holdings if they wish, for estate planning or other purposes. On March 18, 2013, the Company acquired a controlling interest in The Longaberger Company (TLC).Mr. Rochon is the former chairman and CEO of Mary Kay Inc., a company he led through global expansion to 37 countries and a highly successful management-led leveraged buyout, as well as agressive innovation in the Internet technology to support the company's independent sales force. Mr. Rochon was also the largest shareholder of Avon. As a direct selling pioneer, he realized that the industry was ripe for a dramatic new step.

In September of 2012, Mr. Rochon acquired a publicly-reporting company whose stock traded over-the-counter, called Computer Vision Systems Laboratories. (The company originally had developed medical devices). Mr. Rochon named a new board of directors that included experts in direct selling and announced his stategy of making CVSL a holding company - as he also put it , a "docking station" - for acquiring multiple direct selling companies.

As part of CVSL, each company would keep its own unique identity, leadership, brand and culture. The product lines and sales force of the seperate CVSL companies would not be mixed. All companies would benefit from shared ideas and efficiencies in the "back of the house," such as finance, IT and supply chain.

An example of this model in another industry is LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey), a company where distinct brands operate seperately under one umbrella.

The first direct seller to become part of CVSL was the much-loved brand of American hand-crafted baskets and other home furnishings, The Longaberger Company, in March of 2013.
CVSL has made several high profile acquisitions in recent months, one of which has taken its annual revenues north of $140 MM and what we like about CVSL is that it shows to have a small float of roughly 15 MM shares.

Members sit and take note, because we're about dissect an opportunity that is perhaps the biggest to hit Wall Street and OTC markets in the last 10 years – yes, it is that big. We’re sure you’ve heard of Herbalife (NYSE: HLF), the company that is the heart of massive manoeuvrings on Wall Street between some of the investment world’s largest players – we’ll call them whales as they are known on the Street.

All the Herbalife manoeuvrings is connected to the more than $117 BB in annual sales in the direct selling industry. Thanks to the successful IPO of Herbalife, all the industry titans are lining up to add to their...Billion-dollar-fortunes.

One of these titans is John Rochon, a man who many on Wall Street consider a ‘whale’; the same man who engineered the successful turnaround of Mary Kay cosmetics, and was the largest shareholder in Avon (NYSE: AVP) – the direct selling giant that rose to a staggering $21 BB in value. The United States led global retail direct sales at $29.8 BB, with Japan ranking second at $23.8 BB. And there was growth—75.5 percent in Venezuela, 30.9 percent in Malaysia and 23 percent in Argentina.
“Statistically, in developing countries and some other markets in Asia, the direct selling industry is growing. In other markets, the sales may be flat, but the number of direct sellers is growing,” says Tamuna Gabilaia, Executive Director of WFDSA. “You can see an overall trend that direct selling is growing. You can see it in America and Asia. You look in Russia too, and it is growing at a very fast pace.”

Icbs, Ltd. (PN) 0.0004 (ICBT) Price Target .025
ICBS Ltd. is engaged in the development and enhancement of a family of all natural shrink-free, 100% cotton knit fabrics sold under the trademark Organik.
Canwealth Minerals Corp. and majority stockholder ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBT), announced today that Canwealth Minerals Corp., has been declared effective with its filing of the companies S-1 Registration. Formerly named USG1, Inc. ,Canwealth Minerals is now a fully reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Details on of the filings can be found at The Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is in the process of filing notice with FINRA and is now awaiting its trading symbol. Canwealth Minerals Corporation will trade on the OTCBB.
Garth McIntosh, President of Canwealth Minerals, said, "We are pleased that Canwealth Minerals is now a fully reporting US company. Canwealth has an enormous future, and we are excited about the company's future in the mining industry."
ICBS Ltd. Is a majority shareholder and owns 60.90% of the company's outstanding shares.
About Canwealth Minerals:
Canwealth Minerals Corporation - is a mineral exploration and mining company actively searching for gold, silver, PGE, base metal and REE mineral deposits in Quebec. At the present time the company holds 7 Mining properties (185 Claim cells) in Northern Quebec's Abitibi region and the James Bay basin including addition exploration camps in South Western Quebec for a total of 24,517 acres under management and is 100% owned by Canwealth Minerals Corp. The company's management team is made up of professionals with extensive exploration and production experience. Canwealth Minerals Corporation and majority shareholder, ICBS Ltd, announced that it has signed a letter of intent for a business combination or merger with USG1, Inc. USG1 is a public, blank check company, as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, with no prior trading history. The specifics of the merger are still being discussed and cannot be disclosed at this time, but both parties intend to consummate the deal as quickly as possible. Closing of the merger will be subject to satisfactory due diligence by both companies, as well as any necessary third-party, shareholder and government consent . ICBS Ltd(OTCMKTS:ICBT) managed to keep its gain at 20% on above-normal volume of 66.47M shares. The stock is at $0.0006, after floating in a range of $0.00 - 0.00. Its latest price has reached market capitalization of $3,990.00. Its 52-week range has been $0.00 - 0.00. ICBS Ltd. is engaged in the development and enhancement of a family of all natural shrink-free, 100% cotton knit fabrics sold under the trademark Organik . Garth McIntosh, President of Canwealth Minerals, said, "We are pleased that Canwealth Minerals is now a fully reporting US company. Canwealth has an enormous future, and we are excited about the company's future in the mining industry."
ICBS Ltd. Is a majority shareholder and owns 60.90% of the company's outstanding shares.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. 0.101 (MJNA)2014 Price Target .65 A Share
Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) is the publicly held company vested in the medical marijuana and industrial hemp markets. It is comprised of a diversified portfolio of products, services, technology and businesses solely focused on the cannabis and hemp industries. These products range from patented and based cannabinoid products, to whole plant or isolated high value extracts specifically manufactured and formulated for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries. The Company’s services are varied, ranging from medical clinic management to the capitalization and development of existing industry business and product leaders. Services include development of cannabinoid based health and wellness products, and the development of medical grade compounds. In March 2013, it sold certain equipment and inventory, web domain names, phone numbers, and all existing and pending agreements with hemp production and processing facilities to CannaVEST Corp.June letter right before the lawsuit was filed. The timing of everything sure makes it look like the SEC inquiry was triggered by Keber. MJNA disclosed the SEC inquiry in August, way after the fact. Two filings have gone out without any mention of this Dixie litigation. What is just as interesting is that June was when the price dropped down into the 0.02’s. Didn’t make any sense at the time as there was no news to cause it to drop that much that quickly.The following is a script from "Rocky Mountain High" which aired Dec. 22, 2013. Steve Kroft is the correspondent. Frank Devine, producer.
Twenty states have now legalized the medical use of marijuana for treatment of things like glaucoma, the effects of chemotherapy, and chronic pain; defying federal laws that still consider marijuana more dangerous than cocaine and methamphetamine. Last year, voters in two states, Washington and Colorado, went so far as to approve marijuana for recreational use too. On New Year's Day, legalized, regulated and heavily taxed recreational marijuana goes on sale in Colorado, which as we reported last year, has the most developed medical marijuana industry in the country As we first reported before that vote, if you want to know what legalized marijuana might look like, the place to go is Colorado, which has the most developed medical marijuana industry in the country.

In Denver, if you want to find a medical marijuana dispensary, just look for the green cross. You won't have to go far. There are 204 of them in the Mile High City -- that's roughly three times the number of Starbucks and McDonald's combined.

They come in all sizes and shapes. There is the health food store motif and 70s style head shops. There are storefronts pitching low cost weed, and boutiques offering gourmet ganja. No stems and seeds here, just walnut-sized buds freshly harvested in the cultivation room out back.

Matt Cook: When patients arrive, this is where they'll have to show their patient registry card and their driver's license to gain access to the actual marijuana center, itself ,What's the economic impact been?

Matt Cook: It's huge. There's over a million square feet of leased space in the Denver area. Look at all the electrical contractors, the HVAC contractors, a number of ancillary businesses. It's huge. Tax revenues exceeded-- I believe the last number I heard was in excess of $20 million. Perry coleman has to be long, he works for MJNA ?

But in spite of all the euphoria, there is a cloud hanging over the cannabis industry in Colorado, and it's not marijuana smoke. It's the federal Controlled Substances Act, which still lists marijuana as a Schedule One drug, every bit as dangerous as heroin, with no medical benefit. And the Justice Department is not happy with the wide-scale commercialization of Colorado cannabis. Sam Kamin is a law professor at the University of Denver, and one of the reigning experts on the subject.

Steve Kroft: In Colorado, you can grow it if you're licensed and you can sell it if you're licensed to people who have a card to buy it.

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