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Friday, May 23, 2014

$DGRI Could Become the Next Big Board Medical Marijuana Sector Company" #DGRI

"$DGRI Could Become the Next Big Board Medical Marijuana Sector Company" $DGRI on CNN

By CannaNews | Posted 4 hours ago

Traders have been very actively seeking out the next pre-summer runners in the OTC Markets lately, and there sure have been some good moves in 2014. One such company with a continuing spell of excellence lately has been Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. (OTC: DGRI). This company has continued to hold the interest of long-term investors and momentum traders, but why?

Recently, DGRI shares surged from $0.0005 to $0.0014, with previous runs hitting prices as high as $0.004. This is largely in part due to the company’s entry into the $2B and exponentially growing medical marijuana industry as a business service provider / financer. Today, May 22, 2014, the company issued an update on their corporate developments, which informed shareholders that the company plans to meet National Market Listing requirements for its board of directors by the end of Q3 2014. This would, needless to say, be a huge move for the company. They would be able to seek higher liquidity by attracting traders from other exchanges. The company also announced that they plan for their DTC chill to be reviewed and acted upon within the next six weeks. This is another factor that could increase the company’s investor base, and therefore potential liquidity. As can be seen, the company is taking large strides to promote their business above previous failures. They have set out to reduce their debts by selling off their mining subsidiary; this would improve the company’s balance sheet greatly. The company also plans to acquire current status in its reports to the SEC.

In addition to dealing with bureaucratic business, the company announced that it has been active in all three of its business segments, and they expect to generate revenue from each. This will also help to build up the balance sheets, while at the same time improving the company’s ability to reinvest in other projects and payout to shareholders through dividends, which they expect to announce before Q2 2014 is over.

With these huge developments underway, it seems the DGRI could feasibly become the next big board medical marijuana sector stock. The trading interest garnered by this diamond in the rough is not for nothing, by the looks of things.
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