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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Second American journalist beheaded by ISIS terrorists #video #isis

A new video has been posted on the internet purported to show Islamic State militants beheading American journalist Steven Sotloff.

The Associated Press and the SITE Intel Group, an organization that tracks the online activity of terrorist groups, both reported on Tuesday that the video had been posted online, barely two weeks after the group formerly known as ISIS published a similar clip of American photojournalist James Foley suffering from the same fate at the hands of the group.

The White House could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the video, but press secretary Joshua Earnest said during a briefing on Tuesday that the administration’s “thoughts and prayers” are with Sotloff’s family.Is unfortunate but not sure if the IS wants to drag America into another war in Iraq or just simply revenging for the US airstrikes....hmmmmm m.... Either way, president Obama would have a hard time trying to handle this second beheading. The whole nation was mobilized for war over one beheaded freelance American journalist but failed to follow through. What is he going to do with this second beheading? Or the third one? Is the IS trying to embrassing him/America?

Sotloff, 31, was kidnapped near Aleppo, Syria in August 2013. Upon release of the Foley video last month, the Islamic State demanded that United States President Barack Obama cease attacks on the group, or else Sotloff could be the next to be killed.

Last week, Sotloff’s mother posted a minute-and-a-half-long video plea asking Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to release her son
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