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Sunday, June 14, 2015

top #100 #pennystocks to watch right now $NUGN $TPIV $HJOE $JIDG

top 100 penny stocks to watch right now. These penny stocks have the potential to break out to the upside and make a large gain. See Also - *Top Penny Stocks 2015* - Penny Stock Gainers 2015* - **Top Stocks for 2015* *Top Penny Stocks to Watch - 6/15/15* 1. NuGene International, Inc. (NUGN) 2. Joymain International Development Group Inc. (JIDG) 3. Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation (HJOE) 4. TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) 5. Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. (COLV) 6. NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK)Voltari (VLTC)* - VLTC is the top stock in 2015, Up over 900%. *See More.....* *Axovant Sciences (AXON)* - AXON dropped hard on Friday but should continue to be watched due to the volatility. Resistance will be located at $28. *WingStop (WING) - *WING went public on Friday but keep in mind, 97% of restaurants are franchised , nterphase Corp. (INPH) Wingstop Inc. (WING) Oragenics Inc. (OGEN) ITT Educational Services Inc. (ESI) Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. (TPI) China HGS Real Estate Inc. (HGSH) China Sunergy Co. Ltd. (CSUN) Kingold Jewelry, Inc. (KGJI) Sky-mobi Limited (MOBI) Xunlei Limited (XNET) Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (TNXP).

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