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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Top Penny Stocks For 2009

1. Dayton Superior Corporation ( DSUP ) .57 A Share As Of 12/25/2008
Dayton Superior Corporation (Dayton Superior) offers specialized products consumed in non-residential, concrete construction markets. The Company’s products are used to help form, strengthen, move, stabilize, cure or color concrete. Dayton Superior’s products are generally imbedded in, or applied to, concrete and consumed during the construction process. Dayton Superior offers more than 18,000 catalogued products. Most of the Company’s products are sold under brand names, such as Dayton/Richmond, Aztec, Symons, BarLock, Jahn, Swift Lift, Steel-Ply, Dayton Superior, Conspec, Edoco, Dur-O-Wal and American Highway Technology. In addition, Dayton Superior sells a line of new and used forming and shoring systems, which may be combined to create solutions for a variety of customer-specific applications. The Company also rents a line of forming and shoring systems.Likely dead money for the next year, sales for last quarter flat on a year-to-year basis, but at current $.57 putting in CAPs as a long term contrarian play. Cement business will obviously be challenging in 2009, but company did announce a debt restoring that is expected to save .15-.20 cents per share - that should help put a floor in here near current price level once its understood by the market. Likely market outperforming for patient investors looking for LT cap gains. With money flowing in Washington in the beginning of 2009 , DSUP is a good play to make some Mad Money when the new president signs a new bill to reform the bridges and highways in the coming years . Target price is 2.25 a share !

2. Sirius ( SIRI ) .11 A Share As Of 12/12/2008
Sirius XM Radio Inc., formerly Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., is a satellite radio provider in the United States. The Company offers over 130 channels to its subscribers, 69 channels of 100% commercial-free music and 65 channels of sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, weather and data content. Its primary source of revenue is subscription fees, with most of its customers subscribing to SIRIUS on either an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. As of December 31, 2007, the Company had 8,321,785 subscribers. In addition, it derives revenue from activation fees, the sale of advertising on its non-music channels, and the direct sale of SIRIUS radios and accessories. Various brands of SIRIUS radios are Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, Crutchfield, Sam’s Club, Target and Wal-Mart and through RadioShack. In July 2008, XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. completed their merger.The merger will have many issues in the near term but it opens the door to advertising, on radio and on a national scale. Look for the entire business model to change.satellite radio is not going anywhere. as a sales guy that drives 25k miles +, sat radio is a savior!Finally merged. 1-2 years of shaking out the details and aligning the management teams before this thing takes off. combining debts and leveraging assets with XM was the final selling point. satellite radio is not going away.Sirius XM Radio will now see higher gains over the longer term. It's in the public's hand's carry satellite radio into the horizon from here. I highly suggest investing fun money as a long term play. Stay long and enjoy the benefits, but beware a possible near term reverse split. Target price is 3.00 a share by 2010 !

3. Ruby Tuesday ( RT ) 1.57 A Share As Of 12/25/2008
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. (RT) owns and operates the Ruby Tuesday concept in the higher end of the bar and grill segment of casual dining. The Company also offer franchises for the Ruby Tuesday concept in domestic and international markets. During the fiscal year ended June 3, 2008 (fiscal 2008), the Company owned and operated 721 casual dining restaurants, located in 28 states and the District of Columbia. In fiscal 2008, the franchise partnerships operated 122 restaurants and traditional franchisees operated 48 domestic and 54 international restaurants. The restaurants offer simple, fresh American dining with a range of appetizers, handcrafted burgers, a garden bar, which offers up to 46 items, fresh chicken, steaks, crab cakes, salmon, tilapia, fork-tender ribs, and more. It also offer RubyTueGo curbside service at both Company-owned and franchised restaurants. In fiscal 2008, the Company completed the re-imaging of 655 Company-owned restaurants.The expansion was very good for the restaurant and they have struggled because they finished in time for the "credit crunch". However, I think that their balance sheet will turn around in the next few years to make them some great profits.Ruby's is way oversold and undervalued. Simple Fresh American fare at great prices, and exceptional service. The new stores are modern & attractive with tablecloths, and trendy furnishings. The new menu is great, and the salad bar is brimming with all of the things a health conscious person would salivate over. The menu includes all of the things customers have come to expect, and a host of other delights for the more sophisticated patron. This chain is stepping up from its peers like Chili's, Bennigans, and Applebee' providing a nicer dining experience at about the same cost. During these challenging economic times, expect RT to increase market share and margins. This time RT management has hit the bulls eye .RT will recover, they provide a variety of organic and natural foods as part of their dinners and salad bar that I think as the "Green" movement continues, more people are likely to go there and eat. Also, this is a dividend paying company and they are down near a 10 year low in price.with all the new money spent , wisely new menu and decor , two thumbs up ! great buy at this 52 week low , buy, buy, buy ! This is a long term play ! Target Price 15.00 by 2010 & 25.00 a share by 2011 !
4. Composite Technology ( CPTC ) .26 As Of 12/25/2008
These modern realities underscore the need for better, upgraded transmission and distribution lines both domestically and abroad. CTC's solutions address these problems. Through our advanced cable technology, our products can double the current carrying capacity and dramatically increase system reliability by reconductoring existing lines. For new construction, our higher strength cable can significantly lower costs by reducing the number of structures by as much as 16% or more. Composite Technology Corporation, an industry leader in composite technology, designs, manufacturers and markets a diversified line of products that solve many of the power industry problems today. Our products range from composite core utility cable to a wide range of composite structures for the utility, municipality and industrial markets.Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) provides energy products and renewable energy products to the electrical utility industry. It offers two primary products: electrical transmission cable conductors and wind turbines. Its conductors use composite materials that result in energy efficient conductors for electrical transmission systems. Its advanced wind turbines offer renewable energy alternative to greenhouse gas emitting energy sources, such as fossil fuel and coal. CTC operates through two segments: DeWind and CTC Cable. The Company’s primary products consist of its Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) conductor sold under its CTC Cable segment (Cable) and its DeWind wind powered electricity generating turbines sold under its DeWind segment (Wind).Spec position.....but if the company delivers on 09' numbers then watch out!!! this stock will fly with thw wind!This is a green energy play. Target price .76 !
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