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Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Penny Stocks To Buy In May ... ( NASDAQ:COIN , OTC:PRWP )

1 . Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

(Public, OTC:PRWP)  .62 / Target price 1.00 by 10/10
Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a development-stage company engaged in the discovery and development of Galectin-targeting therapeutics. The Company focuses on the development of anti-cancer treatments using polysaccharide polymers. As of December 31, 2009, the Company’s products were in development, including pre-clinical and clinical trials. As of December 31, 2009, the Company was developing a pipeline of compounds that may be combined with chemotherapies, such as 5-FU and biologics, such as Avastin. As of December 31, 2009, DAVANAT had been administered to approximately 100 cancer patients in Phase I and II trials. As of December 31, 2009, the Company was developing other therapeutic compounds for treatment of other serious disease, such as liver and kidney fibrosis. These product candidates are all in the pre-clinical stage of development. The meeting focused on improving the experience and results of its Davanat chemotherapy treatment.PRWP, is a pioneer in the field of Galectin Therapeutics and is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic compounds that target Galectin receptors for advanced treatment of cancer and fibrosis. Initially, the product pipeline is focused on increasing the efficacy and decreasing the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs. The Company is headquartered in Newton, Mass.The goal of the joint project is to provide a social benefit for patients in Colombia by offering them a cost-effective and compassionate treatment that fits within the guidelines of the National Healthcare System. Investors are hoping that any potential agreement will help expand its revenues with a lucrative contract from a government agency. This is a Phase II, multi-center study of DAVANAT which has been shown to increase the anti-tumor activity of 5-FU in mice. 5-FU is a chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat tumors. A Phase I study of 40 patients showed that DAVANAT in different doses plus 5-FU was well tolerated in patients with different types of solid tumors who failed standard, approved treatments. This is a risky stock pick , however this will be rewarding when the new management turns things around , and has some good cancer development in the pipeline ..... Buy, Buy, Buy ....

2 . Converted Organics, Inc. (NASDAQ:COIN)

$1.12 a share / Target 1.75 
A development stage company seeking to use organic waste as a feedstock to manufacture, sell and distribute all-natural soil amendment products combining disease suppression and nutrition characteristics. Converted Organics Inc. (Converted Organics) operates processing facilities that use food waste and other raw materials to manufacture all-natural fertilizer and soil amendment products combining nutritional and disease suppression characteristics. In addition to its sales in the agribusiness market, it sells and distributes its products in the turf management and retail markets. Operations at the Woodbridge facility processes solid waste and are producing both liquid and dry fertilizer and soil improvement products. A facility in Gonzales is an operational and produces liquid fertilizer products (the Gonzales facility). The facility produces at approximately 60% of potential production capacity to accommodate sales demand. is making inroads with its organics fertilizers line, thanks in part to Whole Foods Market. (NASDAQ: WFMI).The two companies announced that the number of Whole Foods Market stores offering the Converted Organics line of all-natural, organic fertilizers has increased from 18 stores in 2009 to 84 stores in 2010. The company's all-natural fertilizer products are now available in two new Whole Foods Market areas, the North Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic regions. announced today that its Company sales for the month of April reached $658,000, a new monthly record for the company.
New Jersey manufacturer makes fertilizer from food waste

FIFA World Cup Logo - 135x135
hey may have looked sweet in produce bins at the local supermarket, but on the floor of a dank Woodbridge warehouse, all those apples, melons and other fruits amount to a pile of rotting, smelly garbage. Come next spring, that malodorous heap could be the fertilizer on your neighbor's plush, green lawn. Converted Organics, a recycling company with a plant in Woodbridge's Keasbey section, receives more than 50 tons of food waste each week - everything from oldish fruits and vegetables to past-its-prime meat and fish - and uses it to produce solid and liquid fertilizer for retail sale.
Environmental officials say the firm is the only one of its kind in the state and, perhaps, the country, giving it some cutting-edge cachet in the decidedly unglamorous recycling field.To Edward Gildea, Converted Organics' chief executive officer, the company's work is a win-win green industry.

"We are happy that the demand we are seeing for our line of organic fertilizer products has helped us achieve the record sales we saw in the month of April, and are confident in our ability to meet this demand on a consistent basis," said Edward J. Gildea, President of Converted Organics. "We are pleased that our customers have come to rely on the value and quality that our all-natural fertilizers provide, and we look forward to the opportunities that reliance will present as we continue to expand the provision of our products to various markets."This is a growing company w/ more room to grow .....

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