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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why i'm buying ParaFin Corporation (Public, PINK:PFNO) March best penny stock

Why i'm buying ParaFin Corporation (Public, PINK:PFNO) March best penny stock

ParaFin Corporation (ParaFin) is a development-stage company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties. Parafin executed a farmout agreement with Guarani Petroleum Exploration, S.A. to acquire the development rights to Hydrocarbon Concessions in the Republic of Paraguay. The concessions consist of 2,456,453 hectares (approximately 6,069,994 acres) in the Alto Parana Block, Alto Parana Province, Paraguay. Penny Stock Trading

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Chairman of the Board. Born September 21, 1940, married and has two children. Mr. Fowlds attended the University of British Columbia between 1958 and 1963 majoring in Economics and Political Science. In 1967, Mr. Fowlds became an Ivestment Dealer and worked in all departments of the securities industry, including on the floor of the Toronto and Montreal Stock Exchanges.

In 1969 Mr. Fowlds was appointed Vice-President of a mining company in British Columbia. A year later he became the largest shareholder and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Fowlds restructured the Company and formed Jordan River Mines Ltd.

Mr. Fowlds negotiated financing to place the Company's copper/gold/silver property situated at Jordan River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada into production. Jordan River Mines, Ltd. had a plant capacity of 1500 tons per day employing in excess of 200 employees. Copper, gold and Silver production from the mine was sold under contracts negotiated by Mr. Fowlds to smelters in both Germany and Japan.In the '80s, Mr. Fowlds diversified into the oil and gas industry and was Chairman of the Board of several public and private oil and gas companies. As a financial consultant to Companies during this period Mr. Fowlds raised millions of dollars for exploration and development of land parcels in the oil and gas industry in Louisiana, Texas, California and two multi-million acre Government Concessions in Papua New Guinea. In 1989, as a result of the downfall of the world price of oil and gas, Mr. Fowlds changed the direction of the Company to Telecommunications, voice technology and the PC computer industry. The Company developed the E.T. _TeleManagement_ 1 900 and 1 800 and VoiceMail systems, raising more than $5 million for research, development and marketing.

From 1996 until the present Mr. Fowlds returned to the Oil & Gas industry. The potential of hydrocarbon Concessions and other opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry have continued to be the main focus of the Corporation from that time until the present.

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Mr. Fowlds is a Founder Member of the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass in Florida and is a strong supporter of golf charities and amateur golf.
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Retired. Real Estate developer. Former part owner of golf club manufacturing company and 18 hole championship golf course. Designed 18 hole golf course and real estate developments. Mr. Johnston is a former winner of the Canadian Amateur Golf Championship and is a member of the British Columbia Hall of Fame.

ROBERT M. MILLER, DIRECTOR. Financial Consultant.

Born in St. Albans, Herts., England. Stock broker and financial and real estate consultant in London, England; Brisbane, Australia and Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

ANTHONY V. FEIMANN, Secretary-Treasurer. Financial Consultant.

Mr. Feimann graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Econometrics from the University of British Columbia in 1963. This included one year of post-graduate work. Mr. Feimann worked for a national firm of Chartered Accountants for five years. He then started his own economic consulting company.

Petroleum Exploration, S.A. Parafin has the right to earn an 80% interest in the Alto Parana Block consisting of 2,456,452 hectares (approximately 6.06 million Acres) in Alto Parana Province, Paraguay.

The Chaco Parana Basin in Paraguay is one of the last, largely unexplored, oil and gas frontiers in the world with known hydrocarbons. It covers most of Paraguay and portions of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia. In Paraguay alone it covers an area of 98,840,000 acres (400,000 sq kilometers). To date, 49 exploration wells have been drilled in Paraguay

(a country with a landmass roughly the size of California). 24 of the exploration wells (49%) have oil shows. Within the Chaco and Parana Basins are established hydrocarbon areas where oil and gas have been produced in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil since the early 1920’s.

HIS Energy, a US based energy consultancy, recently ranked Paraguay as the seventh best Oil and Gas fiscal regime globally, while its neighbor Argentina ranks 38th and the US 44th. Recent political and economic changes in the country, coupled with the establishment of gas imports to Southern Brazil from Bolivia, place Paraguay as an enticing area for exploration.

The US Geological Survey, in its 2000 world petroleum assessment study, estimated a resource potential of 900 million barrels of oil and 4.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas for the Chaco Basin of northern Paraguay.

Parafin Corporation is seeking funding of up to $10M USD to fund operations for the exploration and exploitation of the company’s 6.06 million Acre Hydrocarbon Concession in Paraguay. Parafin will use the funding to proceed to the next stage of 3D seismic interpretation to locate drilling targets and then for drilling the targeted well sites.

The stock is up over 300% and is now at .007 as of today. It will go up and down probably daily, but look for it to go higher every week. We believe it will be 30 cents in a few weeks. The marketing campaign has not even begun yet. Once the marketing team submits discloses that Parafin has just received 10 Million dollars in new funding and that the drilling will be starting up within a few weeks, this stock will start moving up exponentially. Oil is going higher and PFNO is going to rise and hopefully find some oil ....... this is a risky stock pick , put this could make you someHow To Make Money Trading Penny Stocks $$$$$$$$$$$$
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