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Monday, February 28, 2011


PFNO.PK on Pink OTC 0.0020 ParaFin Corporation (ParaFin) is a development-stage company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties. Parafin executed a farmout agreement with Guarani Petroleum Exploration, S.A.Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading to acquire the development rights to Hydrocarbon Concessions in the Republic of Paraguay. The concessions ParaFin Corporation (PINK:PFNO) soared 225% to $0.0021 with over a volume of 222.58 million shares compared to a daily average trading of 5.79 million shares. So far in last six months the stock has surged 14.29%.

+0.0013 (185.71%)

SummaryName Age Since Current Position

Fowlds, Sidney 66 Chairman of the Board, President

Johnston, John 82 Vice President, Director

Feimann, Anthony 66 Treasurer, Secretary

Miller, Robert 63 1992 Director

» Insider TradingBiographiesName Description

Fowlds, Sidney Mr. Fowlds, attended the University of British Columbia between 1958 and 1963 majoring in economics and political science. In 1967, Mr. Fowlds joined Doherty Roadhouse & McQuaig Brothers, Investment Advisors. Mr. Fowlds worked in all departments of the securities industry, including on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1969 Mr. Fowlds was appointed vice-president of a mining company in British Columbia. A year later he became the largest shareholder and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Fowlds restructured that company and formed Jordan River Mines Ltd.(JRM) Mr. Fowlds was instrumental in financing the mine to production in 1972. .JRM operated a 1,500 Ton Per Day copper gold silver mine. The mine employed approximately two hundred men with an annual payroll in excess of $8 million. Mr. Fowlds negotiated copper concentrate contracts with Sumitomo Mining in Japan and with Metalgesellshaft in Germany. In 1974 the world price of copper fell below US$0.40 per pound and the mine became uneconomic to continue operations. In the 1980s, Mr. Fowlds diversified into the oil and gas industry and was Chairman of the Board of several public and private oil and gas companies including the Registrant. Mr. Fowlds was a financial consultant to these companies and President of the Registrant and during this period raised millions of dollars for the acquisition, exploration and development of oil anmd gas properties. Mr. Fowlds drilled twenty-six wildcat wells and acquired land parcels in Louisiana, Texas, California and two multi-million acre Government Concessions in Papua New Guinea. Mr. Fowlds returned to the Oil & Gas industry when the price of oil went back up. Mr. Fowlds has been a director of the Registrant since October 1986.

Johnston, John Mr. Johnston , is retired as a real estate developer in 1995. Mr. Johnson formerly designed 18 hole golf course and real estate developments. Mr. Johnston is a former winner of the Canadian Amateur Golf Championship, represented for over fifteen years in international golf and is a member of the British Columbia Hall of Fame. He has been a director of the Registrant since October 1986.

Feimann, Anthony Mr. Feimann, is retired in 1993 as a financial consultant. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Econometrics from the University of British Columbia in 1963. This included one year of post-graduate work. Mr. Feimann worked for a national firm of Chartered Accountants for five years and was in public practice in accounting for an additional two years. He was co-founder of Econometrica, Inc., an economic consulting company specializing in econometrics based in Santa Barbara, California.

Miller, Robert Mr. Miller, is retired as a financial consultant in 1995. Formerly he was a stockbroker and financial and real estate consultant in London, England; Brisbane, Australia and Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Mr. Miller has been a director of the Registrant since October 1992.

Basic CompensationName Fiscal Year Total

Fowlds, Sidney --

Johnston, John --

Feimann, Anthony --

Miller, Robert --

As Of Options CompensationName Options Value

Fowlds, Sidney 0 0

Johnston, John 0 0

Feimann, Anthony 0 0

Miller, Robert 0 0

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