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Monday, October 17, 2011

Should you buy DGRI ( Dutch Gold Resources ) ?

farfromrich Member ProfilefarfromrichMember Level
Sunday, October 16, 2011 8:30:34 PM
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Summary for Oct6,2011 Conference Call with DGRI Management. Please note that this is my interpretive attempt and not an exact transcript. A link to the archived web-cast follows this list of points.

1. The Minnie Moore Mine is located in Idaho, which is a mining-friendly jurisdiction.

2. The initial stages of the project is funded and we will not need to raise any additional capital in the first three phases that we do.

3. The project is in the area of many historically productive mines.

4. The property is fully permitted.

5. We have knowledgeable, cooperative partners that are positively incentivized to help make this a productive venture for all of us.

6. The waste rock/sand on this project can be sold as a profit stream.

7. The lens below the waste rock/sand layer is shallow enough to allow quick, easy, inexpensive access.

8. A sample given to Dutch Gold by the property owner was assayed to be "three to four thousand dollars an ounce".

9. Galena is heavy and takes less than 5 cubic feet to make a ton.

10. The sample was taken from a lens of galena 13' thick, at least 35' wide, not closed in width or depth. (The lenses historically mined were of a slight incline in nature, so the depth is not ascertained.)

11. A series of shallow holes will be drilled to define the lens and give us some good samples and also allow us to outline the geometry so that we can have our plan to open pit.

12. This will not be an open pit in the usual sense, the "nose" of the hill will be taken off.

13. Once the galena lens is defined, the drilling will move to an area of .3 oz per ton gold discovered by Exxon Minerals in the early 1980s. This mineralization occurs on the surface. Exxon did not perform any production. (Exxon and other companies started pulling out of the mining industry in a time of very low prices.)

14. The property owner pointed out an additional area of silver/lead/zinc mineralization that will be drilled. (The current property owner has been operating a quarry on this property for the last thirty years.)

15. Rauno will be doing further surface sampling while other work is ongoing.

16. Geophysical surveying will also be done along the trend of this geology to identify any galena lense(s) that may have been missed. Galena lights up very well on geophysical surveying.

17. We have been made aware of some other silver/lead/zinc targets beyond the Minnie Moore, but in the immediate region. We will be sequentially looking at many of these.

18. The property could be increased six to eight times the current size of the Minnie Moore Mine area.

19. An excavator will be brought in to cut some trenches in the spoils piles that are on site. This will be done to confirm historic asssays of 4 oz per ton of silver and 2% sulfide.

20. We will be starting up the bulk sampling at Basin Gulch over the next two weeks and expect to start having answers a week and a half to three weeks after we start the bulk sampling.

21. A Mining Engineer has pointed out some untested vein structures at Basin Gulch. The total project at Basin Gulch is huge and it will take a lot of exploration.

22. A dozen new claims were added to the Basin Gulch total project area to cover the new vein structures shown to Rauno by a Mining Engineer.

23. The gold system at Basin Gulch actually covers a couple of square miles.

24. The work on the high-grade areas at Basin Gulch will be started once some cash flow is established.

25. The cash flow generated will determine how many, if any, shares will be used for funding.

26. The need for ANY dilution could be TOTALLY eliminated if everything goes right in the fourth quarter.

(As I stated before, the points listed above are my interpretation of the points made by the company during the Conference Call held on Oct 6, 2011. The link to the archived web-cast is given below.)
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